Thursday, October 3, 2013

I got transferred!

i'm just gonna do one big email today if thats okay. as you obviously know. today, is thursday. yesterday was wednesday. and it was transfers. haha Last week was good. we didn't do a whole lot because we were busy moving things into the old apartment, and we just visited a lot of members so that i could say bye to all of them. yup, i got transferred!! could you imagine if me and portillo would have done 4 transfers together? thats 6 months!! a quarter of my mission.. but yeah, it was time for me to go. I got sent back upstate! butttt not really. i'm finally out of the bronx after a year in total of serving there. i'm now a Zone Leader in the Westchester zone of our mission. the areas that the zone covers are white plains, sleepy hollow, new rochelle, portchester, mount vernon, and a bunch of others that i don't know yet cuz i've only been here for a day. My new companion is Elder Mceachern. he's dope! we actually got to the mission field on the same day, so i've known him for a while and now i have the opportunity to serve with him! and, we are spanish speaking :)) yayy! we ARE in a car. which is a blessing. and a burden, healthwise. but it will be okay. we live in a SUPER nice apartment. which missionaries haven't lived in before.  on the 26th floor. with a dope view of our city and of manhattan. we have carpet. and two bathrooms. and this time it's only me and my companion. so i have my own bathroom haha its ridiculous. annnnd we have a gym in the basement. which is free. and we have a washer and dryer in our apartment so i will be saving like 20 bucks a month not having to pay for laundry.. and on the top floor of our building we have whats called an "amenities" room. which has a pool table and an air hockey table which are 100% accessable for us. so, its safe to say i can't complain about where i live.  i will make a video soon so you guys can see. its definitely bitter-sweet being transferred. i love the bronx, its my hood! and i made a lot of good friends there- members and missionaries alike. a few of the members found out i was leaving and they bought me stuff and made me cards and all that jazz. i was definitely feelin the love! one of them even took us out to red lobster on tuesday. it was soooo good. so good. so i am definitely gonna miss being in the city, but i know this is where i need to be now. i'm pretty excited. our chapel has 2 hoops in it, which my last one didn't. and i hear we can play basketball a lot. so i'm excited because i haven't played in close to 6 months. and thats not okay. but yeah. it will be good. i'm just excited to be speaking spanish, and i'm excited that although i'm not in the city, i'm not in the middle of some forest like i was when i was in connecticut haha but yeah guys i'm doing very good :)

dad, i would like some coyotas if you feel inclined to send some :) and mom, sounds good about the money. the reason i had 40 dollars left and not the 60 you put in was because we had some unexpected things we had to pay for, but i will be able to get some of that money back. i'm still planning on buying the bag! i hope you guys are doing good :) there's nothing else for me to really update cuz the BX is old news, and i don't know anything about here. soo yeah.  here's my address tho:

40 Memorial Highway #26E
New Rochelle, NY 10801
you know what to do with that :)
haha have a good week- I Love you guys!