Thursday, January 31, 2013

Goint back to the Bronx!!! ......

I'm not in the bronx yet! haha i'm in bethel still.. transfers are today! but no, i won't be in the same building. before
my area was on the east border of the bronx.. now i'll be covering the area that is on the west border.. it's a
i'm going to be Jr companion again... and i will be with Elder Vasquez! he's like 26... i actually had to leave some 
candy and some ties because i couldn't fit it all in my luggage.. but it's okay! and yeah, i think i will be buying a 
suit pretty soon! we'll see if i can find a good deal. i'm super excited to go back down to the city tho! and speak
 spanish.. there are a lot of dominicans there.. so it won't be a problem finding people that speak my assigned 
language. and i knew that i was leaving because Elder Potter got a call from president telling him that he will be
 training a new missionary in portuguese, and he told him that i was getting transferred but not to tell me anything..
 but president talks really loud so i heard him say it haha so i know i was getting transferred since last thursday. 
but i didn't find out where until sunday night, which is when they call everyone and tell them where they'll be going/
staying.. i hope that made sense! i actually dont know if i have the book... i'll have to look again once i go down to
 the city. yes, hopefully i can do more exercise! i hope someone in my new apartment will be willing to go with me..
 in the city there is a gym called "planet fitness" and its only 10 dollars a month for a membership, and we're allowed 
to get one as long as we promise to be at our study desk by 8 ... so if there is one close, i'm definitely going to be 
getting a membership! but yeah, if you can find those videos of the military, send it this way haha i need it! dad 
that's so awesome that you've been going out with the missionaries.. i don't know if they've told you, but i'm sure
 they are super grateful that you are willing to do that with them!

I'm doing so good! very excited.. i knew you guys would be happy that i'm going to speak spanish again haha 
i am too... Elder Potter is doing good! he was really sick yesterday.. he stayed home all day! but he's doing a
 little better today.. but yes, i will miss him! hopefully my new companion is cool and we get along.. that's awesome
 that sammy is gonna be going out with the missionaries! i wish i would've done that more before i came out so 
that i could have more experience..  
 Ha ha! Beto told me he made regionals, alexia told me about her contacts, and karla told me she went over to the house 
haha and i'm happy for all of them :) and yes, i got both packages! you guys are the best.. i'm gonna try to 
write back to all the letters i got, but i don't know if i will have time! don't worry, i don't feel pressured with you 
telling me that.. i just hope all my cousins and family members will also make the decision to serve a mission 
when it's time, because it truly has been a blessing for me.. and really there's nothing else i would rather be 
doing than this!
soooo yeah.. this past week was a little hectic. since i'm leaving i wanted to say bye to all of my favorite people 
in our branch, but elder potter was sick yesterday so we couldn't go out.. but it's okay! the senior missionaries in 
our district took me out for lunch yesterday to the cheesecake factory as a way of saying goodbye.. it was very 
nice of them! i have so much stuff haha my suitcases look like they're going to explode! so yeah, right now i'm 
still in bethel, and transfers are at 1.. so we have transfer meeting at a chapel that is about an hour away (which 
is where all of the upstate missionaries go) and then they will drive me down to a chapel in the bronx (which is 
where all the missionaries in the city go for transfers) and then they will give me my metro card and i will take the 
bus/train to my new apartment.. and then i'm settled haha our mission president called me on sunday night to 
tell me i was getting transferred, and then he told me to prepare because he wants me to train after this next 
cycle.. so i'm excited! and a little nervous. but it's all gravy, i'm super excited to be down in the city where its 
busy and noisy and dirty and just NEW YORK haha ya tu sabe! i don't have much else.. sorry! but next email 
i'll for sure update you guys with my new address and all the details about my area and stuff.. cool? i love 
you guys so much! cuidense por favor :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wise, wise advice to Brother Zazueta ...


can i just say how happy it makes me to get all of your emails every week? i love you guys 
so much!
I'll be sure to cover up! it's been in the 10's lately.. not my favorite type of weather haha i'm a fair-weather-fellow! 
and this weather ain't fair! i'm sad to say i don't have the book "a marvelous work and a wonder" ..... i need to 
get it! that would be great to have.. and what are the scriptures that talk about Jesus/Jehovah being seperate 
from God? those would be helpful too. don't worry about not writing a long letter! your first responsibility is 
your wife.. who is my mom.. who is very important haha so thanks for helping her. Just seeing that you wrote 
me is enough :)
I'm glad it's warm over there, i know you don't like the cold! especially when you have to work outside.. good 
thing you're not where i am haha it's freezing! yesterday the low was like 7 degrees and we were outside for 
like half an hour and i forgot my beanie so my ears were freeeeeeezzzzinnnnggg! seriously haha i'll never 
make that mistake again. so yeah. safe to say i don't like the cold. i'm glad you guys liked the pictures and 
videos :) not a whole lot happens out here, so i have to try really hard to find things worth taking pictures of.. 
kinda wack! but we have fun with it haha beto sent me the video of the backflips.. that's so cool! he's like me 
now haha and if alexia does cheerleading she'll have to learn how to do that too! I'm glad to hear that karla 
and aaron are doing good! i hope the headaches aren't serious either.. maybe she's pregnant haha okay 
maybe not. but what do i know... i'm also glad to hear sammy is doing good! do him and beto hang out a lot? 
and okay i will not buy another watch! but tell tio chico thank you in advance for me okay? i'll be waiting for 
the packages! you guys are the best :)
other happenings.
nothing. other than that it's supppperrrrr cold! not my favorite thing in the world. this past week has been 
kinda boring- nothing has happened! except for that a small plane crashed into some trees in the little town
 that i live in.. crazy right? other than that, things are boring... the work is still slow, we still have trouble f
inding anyone who speaks portuguese... so things are just blahh right now.. but we will not give up.
well you know me, i love basketball.. so the other day we drove past this building that is on campus at 
western connecticut state university.. and as we drove by i looked through the window and saw people
 playing basketball.. so yesterday i talked my companion into coming with me into the building to see 
what's up, and i asked around and figured out that we're allowed to play there! in a nice gym, for free. 
so yeah. that's the best news i received all week haha transfers are next wednesday. i have no idea 
what's gonna happen, but i'll be sure to let you guys know whatever happens as soon as i can! i kinda 
wanna leave, i kinda wanna stay... every area has it's ups and downs, so it's whatever! we'll just have 
to wait and see. I love you guys, let me know if there's anything you want me to do for you! Se Cuida viu!!!!
The Juan and only, elder Zazueta

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Thanks so much for ....

thank you so much for the emails! my turn to write haha soooooooo 
last wednesday, we went to the temple. it was AWESOME. 
i've been before, but our whole day turned out to be awesome. 
we had to take the train down to the bronx, and right when 
we walked in some lady said "THE LATTER DAY SAINTS!" and she 
called us over and we talked to her and she said she wanted 
a book of mormon and the missionaries to go over to her house. 
so that was awesome. then we went to the temple and i saw 
one of the elders who lived in my last apartment and that made 
me so happy because he is like my best friend out here. 
then our temple session went awesome of course. afterwards 
we went to this place called steak and shake in manhattan.. 
it was DELICIOUS. after that we had to go home, so we rode the 
train back and we saw these mexicans playing music on the 
subway. i recorded them. ThEn we got on the Other train to take 
us back to connecticut and while we were on there 
(to make a long story short) i made friends with the train conducter 
and he let me go into the front of the train and blow the 
horn and talk over the intercom to everyone that was on the train 
haha my companion has it on video, so i'm gonna try to get 
it from him! but it was so cool. it was just an awesome day. other 
than that, nothing else has really happened.. but uh.. let 
me explain the money in my account. Up here, we pick up donated 
coats from burlington coat factory and we take them to a 
hispanic center where they give them to their clients.. it's a service 
we do for them. but anyway, when we arrived at burlington
 coat factory this homeless lady came up to us and begged us to 
buy her some pants and a shirt so she could get out of her old 
wet clothes.. she said she had it all picked out already and that it 
would only be 10 dollars total.. so i felt super bad and i 
agreed.. so she went and got the clothes and met me at the front 
and the clothes she picked ended up being 23 dollars.. and 
i couldn't tell her to take them back if she'll cut it for free.. i know, 
it's not me to do that, but now i have to.uhmm as for 
transfers, i still have no idea whats gonna happen.. i kinda wanna 
stay, i kinda wanna leave.. either way, i'll be happy. and 
either way, i'll still wait to get transferred to buy another suit. 
i just think it'll be easier that way! so don't worry, no rush in 
getting me the how is Sammy doing? tell him i said 
what's good!!! i want to know how he's doing, i wish i was there
 so i could kick it with him haha and show him around..but yeah, 
things are going good i suppose. the work is still super slow 
here, but we still work hard and try to find. hopefully soon we 
can get things picked up. I love you guys so much. i hope 
everything is going well! Tell Karla and Aaron i said hello, and 
that i want to have a nephew when i come home. cool beans? 
haha you are all in my prayers, have a good week :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ghost town?

My area. super slow. there's been 1 baptism in the past 2 years.. 
and she was deported back to brazil/brasil .. sooo yeah. finding is hard. 
teaching is hard. but we keep on going. things will pick up sometime, 
i know they will. our branch is moving to a new building in march that 
is actually in danbury, so it will be a lot easier for people to get to and 
from church! right now it's hard for people to go all the way out to 
newtown, so we hope that when we get our new building, we'll have 
a lot more church attendance.. cross your fingers.. how is our ward doing?

queens! it was so fun! we got put into groups with the missionaries from 
the south mission and they were so cool! i don't know if you remember 
byron schlecty, but he is in that mission, and the elders i was with knew 
him so they gave me their phone and i got to call him, it was really cool!
 and while we were there working, some guy invited us over for pasta so 
we went to his house and we found out he was a federal agent and we 
asked if he had any guns so he brought all his guns out and let us play 
with them haha it was so cool! then we left his house and another guy 
came up to us and told us he ordered pizza for us.. so we got fed twice 
while we were there! it was so awesome.

sammy is moving in!? that's crazy! but it should be good for him. 
i wish i was there for that, i love that kid. he could teach me how to 
dance haha i know you guys will love having him there and will take 
good care of him. 

my suit. i still don't know what i'm going to do. i think i'm going to 
wait a little bit and maybe wait until i get transferred to buy a new 
one, because suits take up a lot of space in a suit case and i can 
barely fit all my stuff in my luggage as it is! so i think i might wait 
a little bit! but thank you for the money. 
we are going to the temple today! that's why this email isn't very 
good haha we woke up at 5, left our house at 6 to be here in New 
canaan by 7 to email because we probably won't have time later 
in the day. and then we have to leave here very soon to drive to 
stamford so we can take a train down to the bronx, so we can take 
the subway down to manhattan haha it's a long process, that's why 
we had to leave so early! but yeah, i'm excited to go down to the 
city again and go to the temple :) 

well, i gotta go so i can send you some pictures real quick, but i 
love you all so much. be safe, have fun. i know dad's familiar 
with that phrase haha los quiero mucho, adios :)