Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dec. 11th, 2013.

That's a nice Uke.. Haha I want one. We've actually seen quite a bit of accidents. The weather hasn't been terrible, but it's been cold. We had our first official snowfall on Monday/Tuesday! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ha the ukulele I'm playing in the pictures isn't mine... I wish it was ! Transfers are actually a week from today. I honestly have no idea what's gonna happen. There's so many variables that I honestly can't guess what will happen. I bought a coat! And a bag, I love them both haha I bought them last night. Pretty fresh, so don't worry I'm not freezing.

Haha you are cold? When you come to New York it can't be in the winter cuz you will freeze. I'm glad you guys liked the video, I had no idea what I wanted to do.. So I just did a bunch of things. That song I sang is by john Mayer, not a hymn ha but it would be cool! In my apartment it's just me and my companion , we don't share with any other missionaries! There are some elders that live in the same building as us but in a different apartment.. Elders Johnson, Larkin, Garcia, and Henriques. My companions from the beginning including the MTC are Ochoa, Fairbourn, Potter, Vasquez, Critchfield, Portillo, Poulsen, Mceachern. And that's where I'm at! Mom I don't want anything for Christmas! Maybe some snacks, and maybe money for some hats, but there's really nothing I need. I think they are going to let us use our iPads to skype.. I don't see why they wouldn't ? 

This past week we had the Christmas devotional. It was pretty awesome. The entire mission was together so I got to see a lot of my friends. We sang, it went really great! We sounded pretty good haha I can't lie. It was a really good experience and everyone said they loved it. So I'm assuming it went well. We haven't really had too much time to work in our area. The work is pretty slow because all of the things we've had to do around the zone.. We haven't been able to see Kevin in like three weeks, his boss is really not helping the situation out at all, it's a little sad..
On the bright side, we went and saw the tree at Rockefeller center today, it was super cool! Phi just want to be able to say that I've been there and seen it ha now we're supposed to have an activity with our zone, so we are just waiting at our church for people to show up. And that's basically the update. Transfers are next week! I'll be sure to update you guys on what happens as soon as I can! Have a good week :)
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Dec 4th, 2013.

I'm glad you guys got the pictures! I haven't been able to buy the coat or bag yet, but it's in the plans. Our schedule hasn't really given us sufficient time to be able to go and buy the stuff.yeah, the presentation was awesome, thanks again! Your area sounds a lot like ours.. We drive 20 to 25 minutes every day to get into our area, but driving back home it's only like ten.. The reason is because there's a toll booth on the way there, so we take a different way to avoid paying every time. I'm excited to see the videos! It's probably most convenient if you just post them on your wall instead of mine. Just saying! The video of me singing with the two other missionaries is actually just something we prepared for sacrament meeting one day. It was fun!
Tell your parents I said I love them! You know, it's not terribly cold right now. The weather has been pretty good to us this week. We're in the 40's right now and for the rest of the week I think. So we're good! I actually don't have the gloves you sent me last year.. I have no idea where they are... 

I'm good! How are you ?? I AM. Having a good time :) things are going pretty well.. Haha luckily I haven't had anyone stab me in the hand with a screwdriver lately.. Mom. Elder Picoli does not look like me.... Hahn I remember the concerts at the temple. I wish I could go. Tell alexia and Beto I said good luck at their recital/concert! 
What exactly do they do during your evaluation? What could happen after? I'm sure everything will be fine :) please please send me a Christmas card too, I wanna see it! My mission president would love one too I'm sure.. Don't worry, I know Alexia's birthday is this month! I'm on it!

Other things.
So, a little bit of news. We just got word this week that we're not supposed to have any mail or packages sent to our apartments and that instead they need to be sent to the mission office.. I'm not sure why, but that's what's been asked of us so that's what you guys will need to do! The address to the mission office is
700 white plains rd Ste. 315
Scarsdale, NY 10583

This past week has been so busy! We have been having choir practices which are wayyy out of the way so they've been taking a lot of time out of our days.. We actually have a practice today.. On p day. It's twisted haha so that's what I'm doing today. Our Christmas devotional is this Friday so they wanna make sure everyone is ready and stuff.. 
So yeah because of these practices the work has kinda been affected in our area.. We weren't able to meet with Kevin last week at all, not because of the practices but because his boss isn't very considerate and is making him work like crazy.. The month of December isn't looking too bright for him. We Have been working with a slightly less active family lately. The aguilars . We loooovveee them they are so awesome and they have come a long way since we've been working with them. Time is flying by. We don't have a slow day. It's crazy to think that after the 18th I'll only have 5 cycles left. Can you all believe that? Crazyyy! Well, that's it from me, I hope you all have a great week! I love you. Laterrrrsss!

Nov. 27th, 2013.

I'm doing good! Haha I'm not worried about the phone, but I wouldn't mind having one when I get home! I found out that I can get a good coat around here for like 50 or 60 dollars! Did you guys already buy the bag, or are you going to? Okay, I will go looking  for a coat, don't worry! The one that Tia mily sent me is good, I wore it yesterday haha it's hardcore Boy Scout status! Yeah, I'm not too worried about the contact situation I know we'll get that all figured out when the time comes! We are doing better at balancing our time. Me and my companion had a good talk this past week about what we can do to improve our area and the way that we lead. We figured out some things and hopefully we can keep progressing! How long was the drive into each of those cities that you were serving in?? Yes, feel free to send me those videos I would love to watch them! I'm sure they sound amazing.. And speaking of thanksgiving, thank you so much for sending me the presentation, we used all of it haha since we didn't have a projector I forwarded the PowerPoint to all the missionaries in our ward and they each sat at a table and showed the slideshow on their iPads as I read the narration you wrote haha it was cool. So yeah, thanks!
Hey! I'm doing great! I got your packages and the letter you guys sent me... I wasn't expecting that at all! But thank you so much :) I love you guys all for all that you do.  Man I wish I could be there to see the talent show haha I bet it's gonna be awesome!  You need to do something! For real, you are cheating the world of a performance mom.. Yeah, weather is not so great haha I wish we had Arizona weather here... It's getting pretty cold. The worst thing about the weather here is the wind. It destroys you haha I don't like it. I'm jealous that you get to work in the primary! And of course you love it, you love kids!! That doesn't surprise me at all. Sounds like they all love you too :) who is in your class? The donuts! We ate those on Halloween. Our mission president invited our zone over for some donuts haha his wife made them. She's great! 
Brisa hasn't written me back yet. But I hope she's doing better. She left home in February right?? Annddd the packages you send are perfect, I really don't care what's in them, it's nice to have a surprise. The honey mustard Pringles for sure can stay, but as for the rest I don't really care what comes. Thanks again!

This week has flownnnnn by. I can't believe how fast time is passing. I hit 16 months the other day. I'm so old! We've been busy with random stuff. We had a practice last Friday for the mission choir.. It was awesome. It's been so long since I've sung in a choir! We had another small practice yesterday, and we are having another practice on Saturday all together again. We will be singing in the mission Christmas devotional next week so they want us to be sounding good haha it's been a really cool experience so far.. 
Everyone here keeps asking me if I'm losing weight. Which is the opposite of what I wanna do haha and I haven't lost any, but I guess I look like I have? I don't know. Waccckkk. I, doing really well though. I love my companion, I love all of the missionaries that I'm serving with, they really are some of the best friends I've ever had. 
Thank you so much for all that you guys do for me, I am truly grateful to be a part of this family.. I've learned so much from you and wish I would have changed sooner. But thank you for all of the support and all of the love. It really helps keep me going :) happy thanksgiving :) 
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Nov. 20th, 2013

Buenos Dias!

Dad.yeah,, sorry, we had a bunch of trainings! and no we don't have iphones..i don't think i will get one one my mission, they are still in the piloting stage! uhhh my coat. i don't know. i haven't bought one yet. is it cool if i use some of the money in the account to buy it? 
sleepy hollow was sick! it is the weirdest place for a cemetary.. that place is a maze haha but it's super cool. we didn't see anything creepy, but i think if we were to go after dark it would be for sure! i really really wanna see the saratov approach, i've heard from a lot of people that its really good, so it's definitely on the list for when i come home. as for our hands haha i don't know really.. i just started doing that when i got to this area, and the zone has kind of adopted it as our symbol for our zone. we go hard! haha and for the facebook usage.. its just our mission presidents have different views on what we should or shouldn't be doing. so they have a little bit more liberty, but really it's not a big deal. i'm not complaining! 
and as for my contacts.. i'm still pretty good on them, they should last me a while! butt.. i'm pretty positive all of those locations for america's best are out of our mission boundaries, so i couldn't go and get tested even if i wanted to . there's none that are closer??

i'm sorry you don't like the new yahoo haha but i got your email this week :) uhh yeah the technology. its actually not my favorite. we are busy right now because we are still trying to figure everything out! the beginning stages of things. a little difficult. yeahh Sister Gonzalez! i've only met her twice, but she is SO GREAT. super nice, and she cooks really good too haha that would be awesome for you to send her a card. i'm sure she would love it! yesss i wrote brisa, but i don't know if she got it cuz she hasn't written me back or anything.. i really hope she is doing better! i'll be on the lookout for the jacket! and no, we haven't finished the candy. i've actually given a lot of it away. i've met a few missionaries out here who also love the mexican candy so if i know i'm going to see one of them i take some candy to give them.. we still have a lot left. its awesome and terrible at the same time cuz we don't have food, only candy haha soooo healthy. i don't think i need anything. i'm happy :) i will be sure to let you know tho, but for now i'm pretty sure i have everything i need! i'm so glad you liked your primary class! we had the primary program here last sunday and it was.. interesting. haha 4 of the missionaries had to sit up there and sing with the kids cuz they needed help.. i haven't bought a bag yet.. i need a bag, and i need a jacket, but i don't know which one to buy.. if the one tia sends me works, i will buy a bag, if not i'll buy a jacket i think.. so yeah, i'm gonna put that off for a little bit longer.

other things. 
everything is going good. we have a small teaching pool. really small. but its fine. Kevin is still doing awesome, he came to church last sunday, we were pumped! his boss still doesn't want to give him sundays off.. but he is so ready! we've taught him almost everything and he willingly accepts and applies everything we talk about. its awesome! once he can get sundays off he will be 100 percent ready to go. he really wants to be baptized, he talks about it every time we go over. but his work schedule might not change until the new year.. but we're praying for him, we'll just have to see what happens. 
all of our missionaries have ipads now. it's pretty weird haha it's cool, but its still not really my favorite. i think it's more of a distraction for most people right now. we look around and somewhere you'll see a mission, face glued to the screen haha but hopefully that will change once the novelty wears offs. this weekend we had stake conference. it was awesome! every area i've served in so far except for danbury has been in the same stake, so i got to see a lot of the members from my past wards. it was doooppeee :) also, Elder Gifford Nielsen of the 70 came here to New Roc on sunday night for a fireside. he was the guy who gave the talk about "exclamation points" in general conference. he's tall haha but it was pretty cool. so yeah we've been busy. and we will remain busy for the next while. our mission is having a christmas devotional on the 6th of december which is basically a musical fireside for our mission. and i got chosen to sing in the choir, and we are be going to be having a few rehearsals from now until then, so we will be traveling in and out of our area to go to those practices..
we really feel so busy.. and i feel like we do a lot here in this area, but the things that we do aren't always in our area. we are really busy with other missionaries in the zone and so many things come up that we have to take care of.. some days fly by because we have so much stuff to do, and then we come home and review our day and we feel like we haven't done anything at all because we barely spent time in our area. its weird. i'm having fun, we're just trying to figure out how to balance everything a little bit better. 
today we're just chillin.. email, get some groceries, and i think we're just gonna go play some volleyball or basketball over in scarsdale with some other missionaries. it should be fun! i hope everything is going well for you guys, i miss you a lot! do good things. be good examples. love you alllllll! me voy :)

Nov. 15

I'm quickly gonna reply to yours dad! send it out to everyone!
i'm sorry i didn't get to email on wednesday. we had transfers and we both stayed. we played basketball after so i changed.. then we went to a dinner appointment and i realized i forgot my shoes and my tie at the church. so we had to drive back to the church. i found my shoes. i lost my tie :/ and so we didn't have time to email. and then yesterday we had to go down to manhattan and were at the temple from 9:30 am till about 6 pm because we had to help train all of the missionaries in the city on how to use their ipads. we didn't get back into our area till 7:30, and i was feeling really sick so when we got home around 9:30 i went straight to bed. this morning we drove to the church in ossining, and we were there from 9 am till about 5:30 because we had to help train all of the missionaries who are upstate on how to use their ipads.. so it's been a really busy past couple of days. so this is really all i can send out. i'm really sorry! i promise to send a real email this wednesday. love you all, have a blessed week :)

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Nov. 6, 2013.

New Haircut!
today, we are planning on going to sleepy hollow, since we didn't get to go when we carved the pumpkins.. so we're gonna make sure we get there early! it should be cool. other than that i think we're gonna go "shopping".. elder McEachern -pronounced "Mc-ECK-ern" - needs some sweaters, and i'm going to try to find a shoulder bag..

now in regards to ipads. on monday, we stopped by the mission office to pick up some stuff for our apartment, and we ran into the AP's and the Mission President there. long story short, they told us they had some good news for us, and told us to come back the next day. so yesterday we went back to the office for a conference call with our mission president, the assistants, and some guy from salt lake, who was telling us how to use our ipads. haha sooo yeah, as of yesterday, me and my companion have ipads! and we are actually the only missionaries in our mission, aside from the AP's who have them. we don't know why they decided to give them to us early, but we got them. they rest of the mission will be getting them next thursday and friday. and yes dad, the area book and our daily planners are in there, along with the list of our ward members and all of their callings. ITS AWESOME! its gonna be such a big help.. it's gonna take some time getting used to using them since we're used to having everything on paper.. so right now it's taking quite a bit of time to input everything that we need, but i'm sure things will speed up once we get used to them. i'm lovin' it haha it's super weird having one... and since you're probly wondering, the church has these on lock down ha we can't just browse the internet or download whatever we want. theres a filter and things so that if someone tries to do something that we're not supposed to it will either prevent it from happening or it will send a report to salt lake and they'll forward it to the mission president. we're being watched very closely haha which is good, cuz who knows what people would try to do. so yeah, that's the big news of the week :) pretty exciting stuff!!
the picture is of us on halloween!

Oct. 30, 2013

i'm sorry this message is so short, we don't have a lot of time today! we are going down to manhattan and it takes a lot longer to get there from here than when i was in the bronx.. maybe we'll have time later today to email and if we do i will send pictures!
but yeah, yesterday i got my haircut by Sister johnson, who went to westwood! she's family with some people in our stake, so that was awesome being able to talk to her because we know a lot of the same people.. and it was a free haircut! who sent you the picture? this weekend is gonna be cool.. on friday we have the mission leadership council which is with all the zone leaders and sister training leaders in our mission, and usually they are awesome already, but this one we are combining the council to be with all of the leaders from the ny-ny south mission! so i'm pretty pumped about that. well guys, i love you all. i hope you have a good week! sorry again, we are just short of time today!

Oct. 23, 2013.

Outras coisas (other things)
things are going well. we are SUPER busy all the time. but mostly with doing things for the missionaries in our zone. we have been doing a lot of thinking and planning in regards to how we are going to help all of the missionaries in our zone go in the direction that will benefit us as a whole. it's been great. yesterday we had zone conference which is when multiple zones in the mission get together.. so our zone got put with the 2 bronx zones.. so i got to see all my homies :) it was nice! our whole mission is officially approved to use facebook.. so now everybody in the mission will be using it. crazy! and they also announced that we will have our ipads and our iphones within a month. i'm pumped. out here for P-day we kinda just do whatever comes up. one day we played volleyball/basketball.. one day we just played pool in the top room of our apartment building.. today we are having our zone activity. we will be having a pumpkin carving contest and then we are going to the cemetary in sleepy hollow to go find the headless horseman. or something like that. so yeah. me and McEachern went and bought 13 pumpkins this morning. it's gonna be a party :) next week i think we are going down to the city. i really wanna go to central park to see all the trees with the different color leaves. so yeah guys, i'm having a good time :) i hope you all are too! Love you, miss you and all that good stuff. I'm out!

Oct. 16, 2013.

this past week was pretty great. we got a new investigator who is SO ready to be baptized. we've had two lessons with him in the past week and we are going back to meet him tomorrow and our 2 visits that we've had with him have been truly amazing. he's surprised us both times with his desire and his understanding of what we teach him.. we are planning to have him baptism in the beginning of november.. we have faith that we can help him do that :) i'm really liking it here. although its not the city or the bronx, which is where all my peoples be, i'm having a lot of fun. i've made some good friends in the zone. we are living quite comfortable in our apartment. the weather is pretty nice still, and all the trees are starting to change color which is amazing! and i'm not too worried about staying in shape because we wake up early everyday to exercise! 3 days a week we work out in our gym and the other 3 days we go play basketball. so i'm pretty happy about that! i think about basketball a lot.. like a lot. frustating at times. hopeful at others. but. we'll see what happens. things are all good here :) today we are just gonna hang out at our apt and play pool and just chill with some of the other missionaries. it should be nice :) i hope you all have a blessed week. Love you all!

Oct. 9, 2013

yeah, i'm doing good! i like the new area.. its definitely different than the bronx!! but its not bad. i'm still getting used to being in a car.. i haven't really been able to meet a lot of members yet because we had general conference this weekend so we didn't go to church.. so i saw no members haha we've had a few dinners so that's been nice. its so weird not having dominicans around. those are my peeps!!! me and my companion get along really well! he swam at byu.. so he's legit. and he likes playing other sports too so some days we wake up early and go play ball at the church with some of the other missionaries.. its nice :) yeah.. there's no way i'll be able to go pick up the package.. and i don't know where west street is, so i can't even call other missionaries to have them pick it up for me :/ i think she's just going to have to re-send it.. sorry!aqui espero a el paquete que mandaste!
i'm glad you guys are having fun with Beto and Maricruz. tell them i said i hello and that i love them!! i didn't get an email from dad.. i dont know if he sent one? but tell him i say hi :) haha
today we are gonna go play volleyball and i think we have some good volleyball players in our zone so i think it'll be fun.. and we are gonna go get some groceries cuz we have NO food in our apartment right now. so we've been a little hungry the past few days. but it's okay. things are going well :) i'm happy. and i hope you all are happy :)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

I got transferred!

i'm just gonna do one big email today if thats okay. as you obviously know. today, is thursday. yesterday was wednesday. and it was transfers. haha Last week was good. we didn't do a whole lot because we were busy moving things into the old apartment, and we just visited a lot of members so that i could say bye to all of them. yup, i got transferred!! could you imagine if me and portillo would have done 4 transfers together? thats 6 months!! a quarter of my mission.. but yeah, it was time for me to go. I got sent back upstate! butttt not really. i'm finally out of the bronx after a year in total of serving there. i'm now a Zone Leader in the Westchester zone of our mission. the areas that the zone covers are white plains, sleepy hollow, new rochelle, portchester, mount vernon, and a bunch of others that i don't know yet cuz i've only been here for a day. My new companion is Elder Mceachern. he's dope! we actually got to the mission field on the same day, so i've known him for a while and now i have the opportunity to serve with him! and, we are spanish speaking :)) yayy! we ARE in a car. which is a blessing. and a burden, healthwise. but it will be okay. we live in a SUPER nice apartment. which missionaries haven't lived in before.  on the 26th floor. with a dope view of our city and of manhattan. we have carpet. and two bathrooms. and this time it's only me and my companion. so i have my own bathroom haha its ridiculous. annnnd we have a gym in the basement. which is free. and we have a washer and dryer in our apartment so i will be saving like 20 bucks a month not having to pay for laundry.. and on the top floor of our building we have whats called an "amenities" room. which has a pool table and an air hockey table which are 100% accessable for us. so, its safe to say i can't complain about where i live.  i will make a video soon so you guys can see. its definitely bitter-sweet being transferred. i love the bronx, its my hood! and i made a lot of good friends there- members and missionaries alike. a few of the members found out i was leaving and they bought me stuff and made me cards and all that jazz. i was definitely feelin the love! one of them even took us out to red lobster on tuesday. it was soooo good. so good. so i am definitely gonna miss being in the city, but i know this is where i need to be now. i'm pretty excited. our chapel has 2 hoops in it, which my last one didn't. and i hear we can play basketball a lot. so i'm excited because i haven't played in close to 6 months. and thats not okay. but yeah. it will be good. i'm just excited to be speaking spanish, and i'm excited that although i'm not in the city, i'm not in the middle of some forest like i was when i was in connecticut haha but yeah guys i'm doing very good :)

dad, i would like some coyotas if you feel inclined to send some :) and mom, sounds good about the money. the reason i had 40 dollars left and not the 60 you put in was because we had some unexpected things we had to pay for, but i will be able to get some of that money back. i'm still planning on buying the bag! i hope you guys are doing good :) there's nothing else for me to really update cuz the BX is old news, and i don't know anything about here. soo yeah.  here's my address tho:

40 Memorial Highway #26E
New Rochelle, NY 10801
you know what to do with that :)
haha have a good week- I Love you guys!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

14 Months!

14 Months serving the Lord!
Not a whole lot of things going on. we've been working hard. trying to teach. trying to save. we've been working a lot with the other members of our zone to help them have a baptism in september.. as a zone, we are going to have 5 baptisms this weekend. its awesome!!! so i'd say things are going well. on monday, Elder Bruce A Carlson of the 2nd quorum of the 70 came to speak to the mission. it was awesome. he gave us a lot of insight on how we should measure success. and how we should measure ourselves. and it was super cool, because before the conference started, all the zone leaders got to go into a meeting with him and the mission president so he could talk to us as leaders. and then we got to go in again to talk to him as the leaders of the mission. i loved it. something interesting that he said was that they don't send us on missions to baptize everyone.. they send us on missions to mold us into worthy disciples of Christ, and to help us develop habits that will make us good fathers/husbands/mothers/wives. and that the baptizing is what comes along with it. i had thought about that before, but i had it the other way around. but that was the first time i've heard a general authority say it. but it was a really cool experience. being a leader in the mission definitely has it's perks! today, we are going to the zoo as a zone because its our last p-day before transfers. so it should be fun, i hope. i love you all. everyone, be healthy. be smart. look both ways before you cross the street. time to go ! byeeee!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sept. 11

errbody in da club.
things are going really well! in regards to facebook. like i said earlier, we aren't allowed to use it to just talk to people from back home for no reason.. we are only supposed to use it to fulfill our missionary purpose.. so that means to teach. like i said in the part to dad, i am allowed to talk to basically anyone who has any questions about the gospel.. and only for that reason.. so keep emailing me cuz that will be the way we still communicate. and they told us that we will all have one by christmas.. but that changed haha right now the ZL's and the sister training leaders are the only ones in the mission who are allowed to go online.. so there's only like 25-30 of us in our mission who are using it and it will only be us for the next month or so.. and then in october everyone else will start doing theirs. but yeah i'm having to hide my pictures and all that other stuff because president doesn't want people focusing on what we USED to be or what we USED to do.. he wants whoever visits our page to focus on what we do as missionaries.. so thats why all those changes have been made and there will be more to come.. but the future is looking bright :) 
also, president told us he is planning on making some changes in leadership next transfer.. meaning he might release up to 10 zone leaders.. thats almost half! he wants leadership to go and work side by side with newer missionaries.. and thats why he's releasing so many of them. so there's a chance i could get released next cycle! but nobody knows whats going to happen.. so yeah. just thought i'd let you all know! i hope everyone is having a good week! please be careful in all that you do. and i'll do the same! (mom)... love you guys :) byeee!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Sep. 8

there's a ton going on in the mission right now. we had a leadership council this past friday and they gave us some big news! our mission has been approved for online proselyting.. meaning that this friday, all of the zone leaders are going back to have another meeting during which they will be training us on how to use facebook as a missionary tool! cool right ? they told us that after christmas, every missionary in our mission will have a facebook account and that we will all have a blog that we will use to post the things that we do and share and talk with investigators and members and all of this cool stuff haha and we will be able to use skype and facetime to teach lessons and talk with the people we are working with! cool right? so yeah, we are receiving a training on that this friday, and then we will start practicing it and making sure we know what we're doing and then we will be training the missionaries in our zones how to use it and stuff. AND they told us that at the beginning of next cycle, every individual missionary in our mission will have their own mini iPAD that will replace our planners and area books.. crazy!! so we're pumped. i mean, hopefully it happens. we are really excited cuz its new and it could really help the work increase! so i will keep you posted on that. 
also, our mission as a whole has set a goal to have every companionship have a baptism in the month of september. so it's crunch time right now. but i am letting you guys know so you are aware of what we are trying to accomplish and also if you wanna throw in a prayer or two or twenty in our behalf we would be very grateful! sooo much is going on. i'm doing good! this P-day has been pretty.. alright. this morning we had to go sing at a funeral at a chapel in harlem. it was a strange experience ha but i sang a little bit of a solo. its been so long. so yeah. thats what i've been up to. I love you guys! i hope work and school is going good. you are all in my prayers! have a good week :)

Aug 28

ahh i'm sorry i feel like there's not too much to say? things are going okay. the work is a little hard living in this other apartment because its so far away from our area.. things just take so long.. we can't buy food to keep at our apartment because we don't have time to travel home during the day because its too far, so we have just been eating out at fast food places so yeah it's no bueno.. but the new zone is awesome. we live with 2 elders who speak mandarin and they are awesome! one of them has a full ride to BYU for the piano.. he is ridiculous. and i am super jealous but its nice to have him around because he plays whatever we ask him to.. but yeah. i can basically speak chinese now. 
the AP's told us that we might be moving back to our old apartment soon.. so this cycle might be a little crazy.. there's so much going on! me and portillo are still getting along well! we are both kinda hoping we leave this area after this transfer though.. but who knows.. we can never guess what will happen at transfers. i'm sorry i don't have a lot to say today. and dad, sorry again for not replying, i just don't know where that email is! i hope you guys are all doing well :) be well, i love you guys!

Aug. 22

mom and dad and everybody, i'm just gonna have to combine everything cuz i don't have a whole lot of time. Yesterday was the craziest day. as you know, we had transfers. our zone is so different. there are 16 missionaries in our zone, and 7 of them are new.. that's a lot of people who left/came. me and elder portillo actually stayed together so we will be going on our 3rd transfer together, which is unusual haha but everybody was really surprised and happy ha we were both pumped because we are having a lot of fun. 4 of the new missionaries are NEW missionaries.. and 2 of them are waiting for their visas to go to brasil.. crazy. so president assigned me to go study with them every once in a while to help them with their portuguese.. although i feel like mine isn't really that good anymore. so yeah, i stayed, but we moved apartments.. into the very first apartment i lived in on my mission. 

2180 bronx park east #6E
bronx, NY 10462

it's super weird living their again and it's super inconvenient because we used to live in our area but now our area is a 20 minute bus ride away. and we live with 2 elders who are both new to the zone and yesterday we had to help them move in and do all this other stuff which is why we didn't have time to email.. so yeah they just gave us a little bit of time today to email you guys and be able to let you know that i'm alive.. haha sorry its super lame, hopefully i can catch up with the emails next week! love you guys! byee :)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Aug 14th

this past week was so good! we taught twice as many lessons as we usually do. so we were super happy.. nothing too exciting has happened tho.. we are still in a trio, but we're killin it. and the area that we inherited because of it is super hood, so you know i'm having a good time with it. so, transfers are next week! and half the people in our zone are almost guaranteed to leave, so there is gonna be a lot of changes. elder portillo is probably going to leave and i will be getting a new companion. but there is a small chance that i could go, if president wants to move  me back into the spanish program, which i kinda hope is what happens because i miss speaking spanish and i miss the culture.. so yeah. so mom if you send the package this weekend, send it to the mission home and they'll make sure i get it

elder zazueta
700 white plains rd ste. 315
scarsdale, NY 10583

today we are just hanging around in manhattan. right now we are at the apple store next to the temple.. on the way here we stopped in harlem to check out rucker park.. and i dunked it there so that i could say that i've done it haha but yeah, we might go see if we can find MTV, or the natural history museum cuz elder poulsen has never seen it.. so yeah. i love you guys and i miss you all very much! have a good week :)

Aug 7th

things are going well i suppose! its been a bit of a slow week. we had the mission leadership council this past friday which was really good as always. we didn't have any new announcements we just talked a lot about how we could become a consecrated mission. it was awesome! things are looking up, our mission president is truly amazing, he does so much for us! so, yesterday, an elder went home who was serving in our district. so his companion needed somewhere to go and he got assigned to us! so now we are in a trio ! haha we spent a lot of time yesterday going back and forth between the 2 apartments to get all the stuff because he'll be living with us for the next two weeks until transfers where it will be easier to assign him a new companion. today we are going to stay in pretty much all day to make sure our apartment is clean and then we're going to the other apartment where nobody will live for the next few weeks to clean it up because it is a MESS! haha but it's all good. things are going good , i am happy, God is good! i love you guys, byeee :)

July 31st

things are going well i suppose! michelle is doing good, we haven't seen her for a week and a half because the members that were gonna come with us have canceled the past 2 times.. and we cant go in her house without another male because she's a single mom.. so it's a little frustrating! but we're having an activity at the church on saturday and she said she's coming so hopefully we can get back on track with her! our other investigator alexandra really wants to get baptized but she's having a lot of trouble giving up smoking and so we're trying to help her work through that.. but things are good! yesterday we had zone conference. it was awesome. President talked a lot about becoming a consecrated mission/missionary and i think it really motivated a lot of people (including myself) to make the changes we need to to become more dedicated to the work that we've set out to do! the beach was really fun last week, the sand was really hot tho. and it was really hard, so i was really wishing i could have just jumped in the water. and while we were there some girls started trying to talk to me and all this nonsense it was pretty funny. today we are going to ground zero because portillo has never been and if there's time we're gonna try to go to the museum of natural history, so it should be a good day :) also, did you guys hear about the dress code changes? if you haven't, look on lds.org, its pretty cool! i'm gonna need money to buy a new bag because we're not supposed to have backpacks anymore.. but yeah. thats really it! I love you guys, i hope all is well :) bye!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

July 24, 2013.

Things are going good! the ward is crazy like always, but i love them. there is a ward baptism tomorrow and the kid's mom asked me if i could give a talk on baptism during the service, so i get to do that.. and then on sunday i have to give a talk in sacrament! first ever time that i'll be giving a talk completely in english, in an english ward, ever. haha i will be speaking on the sabbath day. 
our investigator michelle is AWESOME. yesterday we went to her house and we watched the joseph smith movie with her because she had asked us before about his persecution and stuff so we decided it would just be better to watch the movie and she loved it. she said during the movie it was confirmed to her that joseph smith was a prophet of God. this week she'll be praying about Thomas S Monson. but she is soo ready. its awesome we love her so much haha our investigators are a little shaky. we haven't been teaching too many lessons lately, but the ones we do teach are good and we're seeing progress- although slow- with those people we are teaching. and our relationship with the ward is getting a lot better too. the members love us. this week we have a dinner almost every night with a member. and each member wants all 8 of us there together haha if that ain't love then i don't know what love is!  we are going to the beach again today for our zone activity. it should be fun :) i'ma be real dark by the end of the summer. and i bought me some 2 dollar flip flops so that i can get some cool tan lines on my feet. but yeah. that's pretty much it guys. I love you so much. remember the Church is true!

July 17, 2013.

not a whole lot of things have gone down this week. pretty uneventful actually. and it went by super fast, so i don't really remember anything ha actually, we just got this new investigator who told us she visited the missionaries before and wasn't interested, but now she's ready and she's already commited to being baptized and she's already changed her work schedule so that she can come to church every sunday.. so she seems pretty solid, hopefully it all works out !! other than that not a whole lot has happened ha sorry, no updates! but i love you guys so much and miss you guys. go do something fun before summer is over!!! byee :)

July 10, 2013.

This past week was good. we had the leadership council so it was nice to go and see president and all of the other zone leaders in the mission. the weather has been so nasty here haha i hate it. hot, rainy, and super humid. blegh! it seems like the work has been going a little slow, but we DID have a baptism yesterday! and everything went smoothly :) sometimes it seems like we are working hard with little results, but then we see the tender mercies and the miracles that Heavenly Father puts in our path as well, so we are grateful for everything we have! transfers was today as you guys already know, so it's been a super busy day. luckily we have a little bit of time to email and i get some time to upload pictures, yay! haha hope you like them. 

2. at the beach!
3. new suits!

July 3, 2013

other things. 
this past week happened so fast. this transfer is pretty much over! transfers is a week from today and on saturday we find out if we're gonna be staying or going. and on sunday we were talking to one of the AP's and he said that they almost transferred me back to spanish.. so i don't know if i'm staying here or what.. i have no idea what's gonna happen! hopefully me and portillo stay together and hopefully elder berryman stays with us too- the big 3! although this isn't my favorite ward, this is definitely the most fun i've had on my mission. so know that i am enjoying myself very much :) the work is a little rough here in this area. we have been working really hard, but the results haven't exactly been reflecting our efforts... it's all good tho, we know what we're doing! we have a baptism lined up on tuesday the 9th, for a girl named daniela. she's 12.. her 2 older sisters were baptized like 2 months ago and she said she wanted to too so we've been working with her since i got here and she's finally ready! and we just had a girl move in from another area in the mission and she told us her little brother who is 13 also wants to be baptized, so we just started working with him too. we just seem to be having some luck with the youth! counting our blessings. today we are going to the beach as a zone because it's the last p.day of the cycle.. hopefully it doesn't rain so we can still go! should be fun :) love you guys, be safe!!!

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June 26, 2013.

So this past week was pretty cool! last week me and portillo were feeling a little adventurous and we decided we wanted to play some kids in basketball.. so we sat down at the park and after like 3 minutes some kid came up to us and asked us if we wanted to play. perfect. we played for a bit and then played some kids in 2 on 2, the deal being if we win, we take their information and they sit down for at least one discussion. needless to say, we got their information and will be visiting them soon! on saturday our whole district had the opportunity to come down to manhattan because our ward has lack of priesthood, so they asked the missionaries if we could come help them in doing baptisms for the dead. so we got to come down and do that, it was so cool! i always love seeing different temples and the different parts of them. although we couldn't do baptisms, we helped with confirmations and being witnesses for the baptisms. it was a good experience. today we went to H&M and i bought myself the suit for a total of like 100 bucks. and we heard there are trampolines at nike world, so after this we're gonna go head down there and see if it's true. and then we're gonna go to the temple and play some basketball. so it looks like we have a good day in store :) well, no other news. but know that everything is good! right now we have a baptism lined up for the 9th of July. splash!!!! haha have a good week guys. I love you!


soo i'll just direct this towards everyone, but i'll answer dads questions first! there are 18 missionaries in my zone, including a senior couple. we have 2 districts, and next transfers we might get another two companionships added to our zone. yeah i still go to the same chapel i went to at the beginning of my mission, so i see a lot of the people i used to see! there are four of us in our apartment. the other 2 elders are in the spanish ward! uhmm,, we don't get fed that much, but we're working on it haha getting friendly with people so they'll want to have us over a little bit more! the work here in this area is a lot different than the work in my last area. the spanish/english culture difference is pretty big. it's still a little weird for me praying in english and sharing the gospel in english and having church in english haha this is the first time in my life where i go to church in english all the time! so it's weird. I'm having so much fun tho, although me and Portillo have a lot of responsibilities in our ward and our zone, we get along really really well and we think alike so we're always on the same page and we both like to have fun, so we always try and it always works! the people we are working with.. we have a few people who are almost ready for baptism, they just have to show a little bit more of a commitment on their part. but i guess we can say that about everyone haha but it's all good. today has been a little crazy, we were running around manhattan trying to find suits and shoes and stuff.. i bought new shoes! they're cole haan.. sooo nice! haha i don't think i'm ever gonna wear them. we haven't even eaten yet, i'm so hungry. i think i'm gonna buy a suit within the next couple weeks, then i'll wear the new shoes :) 
so i forgot to tell you guys this last week. but at our leadership conference a couple weeks ago president announced that the church is getting ready to move to apple. as in pretty soon, each companionship is gonna have an iphone and an ipad. crazy right? he told us that we really have to stress obedience to the missionaries in our zones because as a mission he doesn't feel like we're ready to be able to handle an opportunity like that.. so hopefully we can all be good boys and girls so we can have that! i'm so excited!! so yeah. 
this cycle has gone by so fast, we're already on the second half.. these past few weeks have flown by! i'm coming up on a year, and it doesn't feel like it at all. i still feel like i could learn so much more! but yes, dad, i have learned a lot, and i have a little bit more experience than i did when i got here.. and i'm excited to see what's in store for me this next year. bout to do work!! haha i'm sorry i don't have much of an update for this week. i'll try to make something exciting happen so i have a cool story for next week cool beans? love you guys, take care, be safe, all that jazz! byee!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

June 12, 2013.

Life is good! the yankees game was dope! there was like 100 or so missionaries there, it was pretty legit. i took a bunch of pictures. you will see them soon! it was cool because i got to see a lot of the missionaries i've served with in my other zones. being a zone leader is weird. but cool. i don't feel any different , which is good i suppose. we have the mission leadership meeting last friday and it was awesome! president talked a lot about serving those who are in our zones, and that our main job is to love them and help them grow and develop as missionaries, and if our area takes a hit because of it then its fine. he also said that being a leader is the opportunity to have the same responsibilities as everyone else and more. so i am grateful for this opportunity. me and my companion get along really well, we are so much a like haha i laugh just thinking about it. we have a lot of fun. and one of our district leaders is elder berryman, the one who was in the airport with us the morning i left, remember? well yeah. he's like our twin. so we're triplets. the big 3. haha we have a lot of fun together! yesterday we had interviews with president. it was so great. we had a really good talk about leadership and some qualities that i have and could perfect and a lot of other things that he told me to think about. and it was awesome, it motivated me a lot and i feel like there could be some great opportunities coming my way. hopefully i can do what he asked. it's so funny being around the spanish ward, they are still coming up to me asking me to go have dinner at their house and not asking their own missionaries. we will fix that so we can all get fed  :) that's pretty much it for my update, things are going great. i love the work. i love the bronx. i love all of you. please have a good week ! byeeeeee!

June 5, 2013.


i'm gonna write everyone together today because i literally have like 20 minutes to email and i still have to email president and send in our numbers from last week. the reason i don't have a lot of time is because our WHOLE MISSION is going to the yankees game today and all of the zone leaders have to be there early to pick up the tickets for their zones so we have to leave early because from here it takes us like an hour to get to yankee stadium.. i wish i still lived in my last apartment haha it was a 3 minute walk! but i love my new calling. it's a little hard, we are in charge of the well being for everyone in our zone and have to make sure everyone is doing okay, which is fine, we haven't had any problems so far so it's good! the only hard thing for me is that we have to prepare trainings for the entire zone and that's not something i have any experience with, luckily elder portillo does and so we help each other out. and wow, our ward haha a little dysfunctional. the missionaries do EVERYTHING. there are 4 sister missionaries and 4 elders in my ward. and we pretty much teach everything. i don't know if i said this last week, but me and portillo are in charge of the home teaching for our ward haha and the missionaries here teach the youth, sunday school, elders quorum, and gospel principles.. so we are super busy! our bishop is a convert of like 5 years.. and the 1st counselor of our ward is less active.. so there is a lot of problems here .. haha but i love it, i know i'm gonna learn a lot here and it is a great opportunity for me to grow and develop my skills as a leader, teacher, and missionary. so i'm excited. it definitely is weird walking the same streets as i did about 7 months ago. ahhh sorry i have to go, i'm sorry it's been 2 weeks in a row where i can't email for very long. i hope next week we won't have any more things come up and i'll really be able to email for a little while longer and update you guys on whats going here in Olmstead! I love you guys, have a good week !! byeeeeee!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Guess who's a Zone Leader!!???

ut this past week has been crazy! last  thursday, elder critchfield got a call from the mission president and he was informed that he was going to be training a semi-new missionary. but he didn't know if he was going to be staying in the area or if he was gonna get transferred.. so he went to a meeting the next day and found out he was staying!! soooooo yeah. the next two days were kinda long because i knew i was getting transferred i just didn't know where.. so then saturday night i get a call from president and told me that i was gonna be getting transferred. to where? Olmstead. do you recognize that? ha i'm back to where i started my mission !!! crazy right? except after he told me that, he told me that i was going to be called as a zone leader.. so now i am a Zone leader in the Olmstead zone, where i started my mission meaning i'm still in the bronx.. anddd the zone leader area here is english. so now i get to preach the gospel in english . 3rd language... haha i don't know why but it really just makes me laugh. My companion's name is elder Portillo! he's from nevada, but his family is from el salvador, so the both of us speak spanish and are currently serving in english. but i'm super excited for this next transfer! everyone who i talked to before i got transferred told me he was super legit and for the little while that i've been with him i think it has already been confirmed. he's been a member for 2 years, and one of those years he has spent on the mission. pretty impressive is what i'm thinking! but yeah, i'm already here, and it's super weird walking through a place i've already seen and been in, except i'm just going to be talking to different people.. so yeah. i'm a little nervous to be a zone leader, but i'm grateful for this new calling and i know that this experience will help me grow that much more while i'm out here.. it was pretty hard saying bye to everyone in my last area, its the first time i've actually been sad to leave the people i was working with because i'd been there for a little bit longer than my last two areas.. and who knows how long i'll be in this area because i'm called as a spanish elder and now i'm speaking english! everything is kinda up in the air. and sorry i'm not uploading pictures, the cable is packed in my bags somewhere and i didn't have time to get it out. we're gonna try to email again later today after we go shopping for food and if i get the chance to i'll try to send you guys some pictures okay? here is my new address!

1435 Doris St. #1R
Bronx, NY 10462

I love you guys so much and hope everything is going well . take care and be wise! church is true!


this past week has been really boring kinda. not a whole lot has happened and things are actually kinda frustrating. patricio and teresa.. blah. they didn't come to church this sunday. and last time we had an appointment with them i was on a split so i didn't get to see them .. and we won't see them until tomorrow. so it's gonna be like 2 weeks since the last time i saw them! ridiculous right? they are really struggling. patricio is struggling with his faith and his commitment to getting married and baptized, and teresa is struggling with keeping patricio in check. she is SO ready and he is just holding her back.. and we don't know how to point that out without being mean. we might even talk to her by herself and see how she feels about it, and maybe they really will have to get separated.. who knows. we'll see tomorrow. everything else is going good tho! nothing new really. marisol and octavio still wanna get married and octavio still wants to get baptized, but we can't give him a baptismal date until they have a marriage date. and so we're kinda just waiting on them. Transfers are next week! i have no idea what's gonna happen. i could easily stay, and i could easily go. so i have no idea. next wednesday you guys will know! i really wanna stay tho, i don't feel like my work here in this area is done. but what do i know, i just do what i'm told haha today we are gonna go down to china town to eat lunch and then we are gonna go to times square and hang out, and then we're gonna end the day at central park, so it looks like we had a good day ahead of us. except it's really foggy, but it's not raining, and i can literally feel myself walking into little drops of water. super weird. it's really humid out here.  but they said it will be sunny at some point today. hopefully by the time we get to park! well. gotta go, love you guys! hope you all have a good week. adios!!


not a whole lot has happened since sunday. that night we went to a members house to celebrate mothers day and 2 missionaries in our district had birthdays so it was a party. but things our going well with our investigators. patricio and teresa are struggling a little bit, mostly because patricio is really really REALLY immature. i don't know how we're gonna get through to him.. teresa is ready and he is just holding her back. so we'll see. i was on a split yesterday and left my area so critchfield and another missionary went to visit them and critchfield said they made a little progress but not really.. it's so frustrating!! but we will press on . octavio and marisol are doing great. he comes to church with the kids every sunday and we visited them on monday and they are solid. we just need to help them set some goals so that they can really get going in the direction they want. and we want. and The Lord wants. haha but yeah. sorry i don't really have updates for you guys. but things are going really good. i was so happy that i was able to see you guys on sunday! that was so great.. kinda weird because i never knew what to say, but it was still awesome to see you guys and hear you guys! i love you all so much and i hope you have a super good week :)

we got new couches today. i love them

Mother's day is coming soon!

it's mothers day this sunday! wooooh!!! so yeah. we get to skype. we are going to the senior couple's house in our district and they are letting us skype over there... so nice of them! but there are gonna four of us there, and only one computer.. so maybe i'll have them text you when we get the times figured out? because they can do that. just know that i can skype :) i'm excited!
uhh patricio and teresa.. struggling. we're gonna go see them tonight for a little bit to help them translate something into spanish.. their fridge is broken haha so we have to help them call the service people.. but they were at church on sunday, we just don't really know how much time patricio "needs" ... hopefully not too long. we want to help him, but we cant force anything on him. agency is dumb sometimes haha but we DO have some good news... one of the less actives we've been working with has been living with her "pareja" for like 15 years.. but they're not married. the woman is the member, the man is catholic.. and he's been visited by missionaries for a lonnnnnnng time and has never had any interest. but last wednesday we went over there and he told us that he wants to get married.... and baptized!!!!! what the heck! haha soooo awesome! me and critchfield are so happy. we didn't really know how to react at first, but now we're just gonna help him with the missionary discussions and help them set a date for a marriage and a baptism.. isn't that awesome!? another cool thing.. remember Marta? the lady we baptized in my first area? well she showed up to our ward on sunday ! and it turns out she has lived in Concourse ward boundaries this whole time!! it was super cool seeing her and i think we're gonna visit her soon.. turns out she probly lives in the area i work in now.. i was so happy to see her haha it was awesome. but yeah. that's pretty much all the news.. my companion hasn't been feeling well the last few days so things have been a little slow cuz we wanna make sure he gets his health right, but he's doing better so things should pick back up soon! but yeah.. i'll see if i can get the Mcnairy's to let you know the times that we'll be skyping okay? love you guys!!! see you guys soon :)))

Investigators update

nothing really cool has happened. except saturday we went up to a camp in newburgh, new york for a service project! only 2 of the zones in our mission went and i was lucky enough to be in one of them! and honestly, we didn't really do anything there except for take dumb pictures haha as you have seen.. uhmm investigators wise, we just got dropped by a columbian couple. they told us that they were raised catholic and all of this other nonsense and said that the things we are teaching them are confusing them about the things they've been taught their whole life.. which is kind of the point haha but they told us they didn't want to continue the lessons.. so that was lame. but they were really nice about it and said that we are welcome to come by and say hi whenever we're in the neighborhood. so we are still friends! as for patricio and teresa. gosh they drive me crazy! they didn't come to church on sunday.. then teresa called us yesterday and told us that patricio is having some issues.. he was all good and ready to go through with everything, but he went out with his friends on friday night and they pretty much talked him out of getting married and baptized .. they told him we are pressuring him too much and just a bunch of things that really got to him i guess. so i don't think the wedding will be happening next weekend. we are going over on saturday to knock some sense into him.. or probly just talk to him about how things are going and why he's had this change in him.. we have to help him realize the importance of both marriage and baptism. it's not the first time that he has his doubts so i think we'll be able to get him back to where he was/should be. i just hope this doesn't keep happening! blahh.. so frustrating. but anyway. mom's birthday is coming up soon, are you guys planning anything big? and mother's day! i'm so excited! it seems like christmas wasn't too long ago at all and now i get to talk to you guys again! you guys better be writing down your questions and stories cuz i want to hear all of them! so yeah, that's pretty much the update with me. and also that i've lost some weight since we've been going to the gym i think. i don't know if i look like it though. but whatever. i eat a tonnnnnnn, like. a lot. it's a problem haha good thing we're going to the gym cuz otherwise i would be mr. sumo!!! i don't really have any other news.. things are going well and i'm still having fun AND the weather is FINALLY getting nice. it has been teasing us for the last while but i think the cold is gone for good. at least i'm hoping so! i hope all is well with you guys, los quiero mucho! 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Buenas tardes, hermanos y hermanas.

buenas tardes, hermanos y hermanas. 

Dad! i knew you'd be proud that i wake up to an alarm. i consider it a skill and i am very proud of my new ability haha and i'm also proud of you for going out with the missionaries so much! thats really something i think is awesome. they're really putting you to work! haha i like that sammy went with them as well, now you just gotta get beto to go.. being out here i wish i would've gone out with them a lot more before i came out.. it would've helped so much! how are the sisters in the ward doing? is everyone receiving them well? everyone loves the sisters out here. they are just way cooler than us without trying. it's not fair. i'm glad SOMEONE is playing my ukulele. i knew sophie was probly feeling really lonely without me there. i definitely feel the need for her sometimes! wow dad california again? how the heck do you do it? your school just puts you through so much suffering! if you want i can talk to administration myself and see what i can do about making you go on these trips.. that's ridiculous! and we actually still don't know if we'll be able to skype or what. it's weird how we're kinda just being kept in the dark on the subject. hopefully we'll find out soon so that we can set up a time! if we CAN skype, we already have a place to go, we just need to get the okay, ya know what i mean?

 i'm super good :) Happy! but yeah, re-activating people isn't very easy at all.. but i love working with these people because they are still very friendly and they know the truth , the hard part is just getting them to act on it, ya know? yes, i've actually heard a lot about the bombings in boston! there's tv's at the gym we go to. and every once in a while we just so happen to look at them for a few seconds.. haha but it's been all over the news! so i've seen some, but i didn't know that NY was in the plans! that's crazy! there IS a scripture that talks about the destructiong of NY and Boston. D&C 84 i think? i think NY is a target because there are just so many people here! it would do the most damage.. i'm so glad beto and alexia are getting along better, i'm sure that gives the house a whole different feel!  and yes mom haha maturing is a word. good job :) kevin hasn't written me yet.. could you give me his and brisa's email? emailing them would be a whole lot easier! and i cant wait to see you dunk it! haha gosh i don't have a lot of time, i hate these library computers! but i'm gonna send you guys some pictures so the email is gonna be cut short, but i will write you guys a letter today or tomorrow explaining how my week went, is that okay? i'm sorry, i know i'm a terrible son, but you still have to love me anyway!!! I love you guys! be safe!!!!

My best friend ... my companion ..

Things are going awesome. we went over to patricio and teresa's house yesterday, they are still doing awesome! teresa just got her passport so now they have everything they need to get the marriage license and we are actually gonna try to go with them to get that this weekend! we are praying for them so that we can do everything by the date that we set before.. but they are awesome, we love them! we've been teaching more than usual and we love it.. we are so busy tho! time.. there's not enough of it! 
today we went to the temple. it was legit like always haha me and Critchfield still get along great, we're best friends and that really helps the work so much because we're always on the same page and we never fight or anything.. everything just flows, it's nice! but yeah, that's pretty much it for now, sorry for the lame update, but know that i'm doing good and that i love you guys :) OH and i'll be figuring everything out for mothers day! i'll try to let you guys know by next week! los quiero mucho! cuidense :)