Thursday, January 16, 2014

Buenos Días!

Buenos Dias!

Hahaha yeah. I would look weird.. The gloves are awesome! They are very handy, thank you. I actually had a dream last night that I lost them. But I checked this morning and I still have both of them! Okay I think I get it.. So your school doesn't hire substitute teachers.. They just have teachers that already work there cover for the person who is gone? Right? Do they get paid more for doing that..? 
Wow the mission has changed a lot since you have been one- they don't make us sacrifice sister missionaries any more..  Annnddd wait, so you know for sure that there is a pyramid where that hill is? Or are you saying there might be.. I'm a little confused haha but regardless, that's way cool. Is that your entire zone? Also, you look exactly the same.. You can totally tell that's you in the picture! You were soooooo skinny. Almost too skinny. I haven't received your card yet, but I'm sure I will before the end of the week. Thank you! I'll keep my head up and try to just do what I'm supposed to..

Como estas?? I'm doing good! Butt yeah today we aren't going site seeing.. We are gonna play basketball today :) but today is special cuz we are going to meet up with missionaries in another zone and that usually doesn't happen.. So I'm excited! Transfers are 3 weeks from today.. I haven't received the cards yet, but I'm sure they're in the mission office by now..I'm excited to read about that rock! Also, what does fidedigna mean? Uhh I don't need any clothes or anything I think I am fine. Except for my camera is kinda broken ?

Got a Haircut!

Otras cosas.
Things are going well. This last week went by pretty quick. It was a little stressful because we had A LOT going on but it has calmed down since then so things are better.. Elder Mceachern was sick for a few days, and naturally being his companion he passed it to me. He was really sick,but luckily I only have a coughs which won't be fun to play basketball with, but I think I will be fine. The good thing is elder mceachern is almost healthy now haha for the past three or four weeks I've been having minor stomach problems.. It doesn't seem like something serious, but it also doesn't really seem normal.. Hopefully I get better soon!
I got a haircut. The long hair is gone... I don't know why but I really just wanted to cut it off, so I did. Even though everybody told me not to. I think I'm gonna grow it out again tho. But we will see.
The work is still improving. We got a new investigator this Sunday. Jose Juan. He's pretty cool! He's the son of a less active in our ward. He works a lot so it will be hard to meet with him, but he seems ready to learn so we are hopeful. Kevin still hasn't been able to change his schedule, so we haven't been able to meet with him.. We have been seeing progress in other areas tho. There are a few less active families we have been working with that are showing signs of growth so we are pretty happy about that! 
As I'm sure you've noticed, I've been posting more on Facebook and I will continue to do so.. You guys are doing awesome at liking and sharing it- please continue to do so! I think I'm gonna start posting in spanish sometimes, so if you guys could talk to the members in the Liahona ward about adding me on Facebook and then asking if they could share and participate with that stuff as well I would really appreciate! We are allowed to contact friends and family from home who need help with the gospel or simply want to learn about it, so if there's anyone you know that might be open to being taught on Facebook, let me know! Or let them know about me... Ha but yeah. I think that's it. I hope you all have a wonderful week!! One love!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Grrrr ... is cold out here!


Playing in the snow!
Man. The weather is horrible haha it's been soooo cold. Luckily I have stuff to keep me warm. Yesterday it was 5 degrees but with the wind chill it was -13 !! Not exactly the kind of thing I look forward to. We haven't had to stay in the apartment because it's too cool, but we HAVE had to stay in because of snow. Last week on Friday we got like 8 inches of snow so all of the upstate missionaries had to stay in. Poor at least we weren't allowed to drive. Soooo we walked to the church and I actually played in the snow for a good while. It was pretty cold haha but yeah. It's getting cold here. You are really enjoying that ukulele! That's so good! I remember when I first got my Uke I was basically obsessed with that thing haha so I probably know how you feel! People celebrate el dia de Los Reyes magos or whatever it's called haha we actually went to two different houses in one day that we're doing it. Luckily I didn't find any babies in my bread :) so, when teachers are missing, what so you do? Are you in charge of finding substitutes for them? Or does administration do that for you? Sounds pretty Hectic! Also, i have a question. I remember you once telling me about a rock that had lehi's dream carved into it.. But you could only see it if you put water on it..? Or am I making that up? If you remember, could you refresh my memory?

I'm doing good :) ha yeah. It's really cold. But cold itself doesn't mean we have to stay in. We just have to wear a lot of clothes! I got the mail yesterday, thank you so much :) and for the newsletter too! We started the jump program on Monday. My legs are sore haha I really want to be able to jump how I used to. Or maybe even better. I haven't sent pictures in a little while. I haven't really been taking a lot, but I think I'm gonna send some home soon, sorry it's taken me so long! I got Kevin's package. It was the greatest haha he sent me some batman socks! I wore them the very next day while we played basketball haha I need to write him a thank you card. But if you see him, tell him he's awesome and that I say muchas gracias. I remember Connie. That's so cool that she is going on a Mission! And Weston is back. Haha I can't wait to hear him speak spanish, you know Joey Mattison comes home in like 4 weeks right? He's really close too!  I'm sorry you are back at work ha I can't imagine it's easy. Are you getting enough sleep? Or do you think it could be something else? 

Life is good. It's really cold, but it's good. The work is picking up a little bit. We've been talking a lot about what we could do to improve our work. And as a district we have some ideas that we think will help us improve everything around us. The hard part is going to be actually doing it. But yeah. Things are going well. I don't know why, but lately I've been having a struggle with thinking about home. Not in the sense that I want to come home now, or early. But I can't help but think about the things I need to get done when that time comes. There is so much on my mind, so many things I feel like I'm going to need to do. And a lot of things I'm not sure about. Is that normal? Dad, any advice? I mean, I'm not depressed or sad or trunk your anything, I'm just a little nervous  for the things to come. I don't know if that makes sense? Haha I'm hoping this is just a normal thing that we all go through. I will live tho, I'm enjoying the blessings I have right now. I guess I'll just have to take things as they come! Thank you guys so much for all that you do. I'm grateful, seriously- so much! Have a good week :)

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Skype call

Christmas call (Skype)!!
Happy new year!

I'm glad I was able to talk to you guys too! It was awesome! Thank you for your song haha I really enjoyed it. I have a few goals in mind that I think will help me. Nothing too major, or difficult. Just so,e things that I know I can improve. Haha you stayed up all by yourself ? Sounds like a party. What did you do on the other New Year's Eve? I got the gloves! Thank you so much, they are legit! It's about to get really cold around here so they came just in time. Are you share you don't need them? I won't lose them I promise!

I got the package! It came so fast.. Thank you! Haha I am definitely having a good time with all of my friends here. I'm super grateful for being able to meet them and work with them. It's really good for me. Don't worry I'll make sure the sisters get the card! Hermana Richardson got transferred but I will make sure sorensen gets it. Sorensen is now with sister Dalley, the one that I told you wants to learn how to cook Mexican food. Ahh man that's true! I'll be back for the holidays next year. Well this year. No more skype! That's so cool that you guys went to play volleyball. I'm super excited to come back and watch beto play his senior year! We are gonna play some basketball and volleyball today. We do that a lot here, I like it. But I wish I could play more.. Also mom. Do you think you could send me the air alert thing (the jump workout) again? If you want you can just take pictures  and email them to me. I would greatly appreciate it!

Things are going well. I can't believe it's 2014. Really, it's so weird to me that 2013 is already gone. Is it going by fast for you guys too? Last night elder mceachern and I went to bed at the normal time, but we woke up at 11:50 to see if we could see any fireworks. We saw a ton! It was pretty cool. Then we went back to sleep haha it was a chill New Years. Funny thing is that last year on New Years elder mceachern was in a split at our apartment, so I spent both of my New Years with him! Pretty cool right? Last night we had our ward New Year's Eve party. It was okay I guess ha people were doing karaoke and stuff so that was funny. We basically just hung out all day with the missionaries in our little city. It was a good time! Every time we have a party I just think back to the ward parties we have back home where we get a dj and the stage all set up haha it's a little different out here. The gyms are all so small! Which makes for squeezed parties. And even worse, squeezed basketball. Lame! 
I'm excited for the new year. And slightly nervous for the second half of it. The holiday season really slowed things down in regards to missionary work, so we are excited and hopeful that things will calm down and we will be able to start teaching more since people won't be as busy. It's about to get really cold from what I hear. I think the low tomorrow is gonna be 7 .. And the high like 19. Not exactly my preference haha but I guess I have no choice. 
How was the family party? Did you guys eat and dance a lot? Tell everyone I say hello. I miss all of you. And my long board. And the basketball court at our chapel. Ha love you guys, have a good week :)
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