Thursday, November 29, 2012

Random things

... not a whole lot has happened this week.. we did get to go down to queens again to help, but this time we didn't do any of the heavy stuff. we helped a lady who was a hoarder.. she had SO MUCH STUFF and like 20 cats and it was just unbelievable.. we emptied out her garage and there was a HUGE pile of stuff and as we emptied it out and took stuff from the pile we found out there was a CAR under all of the stuff.. it was crazy! but it was fun.. she was very nice and very grateful for our service.. we had interviews this week in our zone, but since i had mine right before i got transferred i didn't get to have another one. but after all the interviews were done we were going to end and eat lunch, and one of the AP's asked me to do the prayer, and then President Morgan told me i had to do it in portuguese.. i'd never been so nervous in my life haha but i did it and he was super impressed, even though i slipped some spanish into it- i don't think he noticed. but yeah, life is good, and the language is coming along. We were going to skype at brother whitmore's house on christmas- he is super rich, he's the CEO of IBM and he's our ward mission leader..- but it turns out we can't. so i think we're going to end up skyping at the Eberhards. and i think we're gonna have a limit of 45 minutes.. lame, that's not long enough! but i hope you guys have some cool stories for me haha i can't wait to see and talk to everyone! and yes, i still try super hard to not get fat. i think i'm getting a little stronger because i do pull ups and push ups all the time.. literally if i have a minute to spare anywhere in the day i get down and do push ups haha i think its working. but yeah everything is good here, i love my companion and we get along so good! his mom sent me a tie for christmas, so mom if you can just get him a little something too, that would be great! I love you guys so much and i miss you. Remember to say your prayers and to look for missionary opportunities throughout your day. I promise that you will be blessed! take care, be safe, look both ways before you cross to make sure you don't hit any deer, and wait for your hot chocolate to cool down so you don't burn your turn. Eu amo a voces, ciao!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Portugues is coming ....

... a little slow. it's frustrating when i don't speak the language because there are so many things i want to say but i don't know how to say them.. and i don't really feel like a missionary because my purpose is to teach and invite, but since i don't speak the language very well, i feel like i cant fulfill my purpose, and that's really frustrating! so hopefully soon i can pick it up so that my companion doesn't have to do everything by himself. Dad, we haven't found out who we're gonna go to to skype, but we have a few people in mind, so dont worry, i'm pretty sure we will figure it out! and i have a crazy story to tell you guys, but it'll be lame if i write it out, so remind me when we skype to tell you guys so i can tell it.. you will laugh! anyway what else.. uhmm I don't know if i told you this last time, but i live with my companion and 2 other elders who are our zone leaders. so it's Me, Elder Potter- from idaho, elder bartleson- from utah, and elder Irizarry- from puerto rico! and we actually all get along really well, so we have a lot of fun in the apartment. since i haven't been able to run, i've put a little bit more focused on working out.. so instead of burning all the calories and running the fat off, i'm gonna try to turn all the stuff we eat into muscle. hopefully it works out, i just don't wanna be fat! haha
OH. so this past weekend our stake organized a service event which was so awesome. we took a bus from our church and all went down to long island to help the people who were affected by the storm. we went to queens and everyone split off from there. on saturday, me and my companion tore out the floor boards from some guys house.. it took us like 4 hours! it was so hard, he had just done the floor and remodeled his kitchen and everything when the storm hit. he told us his basement was completely under water and that the first floor (which was 4 ft above ground) was about 8 inches underwater.. but yeah, i was so sore from that and got some nasty blisters on my hands, but to be able to help this man and talk to him made it completely worth it. then on sunday we had church at 8:30 and it lasted 30 minutes, then we all took another bus back to queens to help clean up again. sunday me and my companion went and helped a lady whose house was 6 feet underwater.. 6 FEET! could you imagine seeing the whole neighborhood under 6 feet of water? all of the sheetrock from her walls had been completely destroyed and fallen down, so when we walked into her house all of the sheetrock was on the ground and you could see the wooden boards (the frame of the house) where the wall was supposed to be. so we cleaned the sheet rock from her house and afterward helped some guy do the exact same thing in an apartment complex around the corner. i'm not kidding when i say that me and my companion and one other guy literally cleaned up thousands of pounds worth of this stuff. it was so hard! but so worth it. it really was unbelievable to see the damage the storm caused and to see everything that these people have to go through. it was definitely a very humbling experience and i'm grateful that nothing happened to me and that you guys aren't in danger of anything like that happening to you guys. So please in your prayers include all of the people that were hurt by the storm and all of the missionaries and other people who are dedicating their time to help all of those who are in need, they need the blessings more than we do! I hope we get to go again soon, the missionaries in the New york new york south mission have been cleaning nonstop since the storm hit, and there is still a ton of stuff to do. Please be careful and take care of yourselves. and let the family know that i love everyone! Eu amo a todos voces!
Happy Thanksgiving :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Oi !
Como estao voces? Eu esto muito bem, o idioma e poco difizil, mas esto apredendo muito!
I'll answer the questions first.
Dad i got to bethel on wednesday! and no i didn't travel by myself, my companion picked me up and drove me back up here. my address is
Elder Zazueta
67 Hoyts Hill Road
Bethel, CT 06801
and no we don't need to buy a bike, we drive cars here!
Alright now for my life. things are completely different up here. My apartment is way smaller than the last one i used to live in. and CT is so different. so quiet compared to the bronx.. My companion is way cool tho, we get along a lot better than i did with my old companion. this one actually talks to me! haha the work is a lot different too.. we drive around, pick a neighborhood, and then start knocking doors. people are a lot nicer up here, but still not interested. and it sucks because the sun sets at like 5, so when we knock doors around 5:30, people get mad and say "shouldn't you guys be doing this during the day time!?" or something along those lines..  I had to give a talk on sunday.. it was weird because it felt like the chapel was empty. we are a branch.. and at church were about 40 people..  and my ward technically is only like 5 people, because we only have a few people that speak portuguese, everyone else speaks spanish. so when we sing hymns, we sing portuguese and spanish at the same time and that makes things interesting. Portuguese is so similar to spanish! it's so similar that it makes it hard to learn.. because it's hard to break habits that i'm used to when i'm speaking spanish.. and some things are pronounced differently. i can understand a lot of it, but i can hardly speak it.. and its frustrating because i can never say what i want to say.. i just have to sit there and hope that my companion has things to say. we're learning together. hopefully i can catch on a lot faster so that he isn't the only one that teaches .. i feel bad because i feel like i'm learning slow. i know i've only been here a week, but going from being the guy who people ask for help in the language (spanish) to the guy who always asks for help is frustrating. i hate not being able to teach and fully understand what people are saying. especially being a missionary because it's our job to listen to people and clear up their concerns.. so its just super frustrating that as of right now, i can't really fulfill my calling as a missionary. and it's a struggle because i used to be able to just focus on learning the scriptures since i already spoke the language.. now that i'm trying to learn a new one, i have to focus more on learning the language and less on learning the scriptures and doctrine. it's just hard. hopefully i can figure it out soon so that i can start being an effective missionary again. and i'm totally gonna get fat up here. we drive, so that takes a lot of walking out of the picture, and then nobody in my apartment wants to run with me.. so i do what i can in the morning, but i don't think it's enough to keep me in shape.. and we eat a lot more up here too. its just not looking good for my figure in the near future haha man.. life is so different right now. and i hope the mail isn't always that slow. just gotta stay positive! oh, in case you were wondering. when i first got here, me and my companion drove a 2011 ford fusion, but they just traded us cars to fix the bumper on ours.. now we drive a 2010 toyota corolla.. hopefully we get the ford fusion back soon because we don't like the car they gave us haha but yeah.. things are a little hard right now, but i know if i dedicate myself to learn and get better, then everything will fall into place. the church is still true in portuguese. I Love you guys so much, and miss you guys too.. especially now! i hope everything is going well, let me know if there's anything i can do for you okay? be safe, and love one another.
-Elder Zazueta

Sunday, November 11, 2012

First Transfer

I wasn't getting revenge by not sending you a letter haha i just had nothing to write back to! We actually haven't had the opportunity to help with recovering for the storm. but those efforts will begin soon and some of the missionaries in our mission will have the opportunity to go to long island to help clean up and stuff! I have not bought anything yet! but i probably will be soon, seeing as how it's snowing right now! crazy right? wait so how did you fall?? i hope you're okay, remember to ice! and our building actually never lost power during the storm, we were very blessed, just very bored because we weren't allowed out of our apartment for two days haha

I'm not dying from the cold! i'm actually doing pretty okay! and the storm is happening right now, there's snow everywhere! that makes me happy that you get to go to sleep early haha but i'm sorry that it's so differen't with the house being so empty.. you guys will get used to it tho..
Alright now for how things are going. well. everything is okay. and wayyyy different. my companion went home today! well tomorrow, but his mission is officially over today. crazy right? so we were waiting on sunday night for our zone leaders to call us to let us know what was going to happen at transfers... i was especially anxious/nervous because i knew i was gonna get a new companion for sure! so sunday night we finally get the call. and we found out that instead of just four elders living in our apartment, they were going to bring two more to make it a total of six. They told everyone who their companion was going to be, and then they told me that my area was going to be split in half, and then going to be taken over by 2 sister companionships.. meaning that i was leaving. What the heck! at my interview president morgan told me that i was definitely going to be staying in the area, so i thought they were just going to bring my new companion in. but nope. i got transferred! any guesses where? i'll just tell you. I am sitting in a library in bethel, Connecticut. but my area is "danbury" ahhhhh seriously?! haha when i found out i was leaving new york city to come to connecticut i freaked out and was soooo mad.. no more new york, no more NY pizza, no more manhattan, central park, times square.. nothing! and i love the people in my zone, i made some really good friends and i was so upset that i had to leave. but after lots of thought and sleep and reasoning, i realized that i'm here for a reason.. the Lord needs me here, so i need to keep a good attitude and work hard while i'm here. but wait, there's a little twist. after i found out i was coming to connecticut, and after i found out i was going to be companions with elder potter, who was in the mtc at the same time i was.. well.. they told me that i will be speaking portuguese. PORTUGUESE. so as of right now i'm a portuguese elder haha CRAZY! i have to learn so fast because i have no previous training.. but it's crazy right? i know you guys probably like that. but it still hasn't really sunk in. i guess if i can do this right, i'll end up being trilingual.  can't complain there! so yeah.. other than that, nothing has really happened.
my interview with president was really good, but really short. we didn't get to talk a whole lot, we just talked about how i was doing and how i was getting along with my companion. and i also found out that we WILL be able to skype for christmas, that is if we can find somewhere to skype! so that will be awesome, i can't wait!
but yeah mom it's good you haven't sent the package, because i don't live at the same apartment anymore. here is my new address, please get this out asap so that people can mail to my new address and not the old one so i can actually get the mail!
Elder Zazueta
67 hoyts hill road
bethel, connecticut 06801
I'm so glad Karla's wedding went well. send me some food! haha i hope she has a kid by the time i get back.. that'd be wayyyy cool! ahh man i don't know what else to write.. this past week has just been full of surprises. the storm, the new storm, connecticut, and portuguese. i'm so nervous, we have an appointment tonight with someone who only speaks portuguese.. i'm not going to understand anything at all. things just got real haha I Love you guys and miss you all so much.. i can't wait to talk to you guys on christmas. Please take care, and pray that i'll be able to learn the language fast so that i can actually do missionary work haha Los quiero mucho!
-Elder Zazueta
Malo e Lelei !

Has it really already been 91 days? thats crazy.. time is flying by. That's cool that you downloaded a scripture mastery app onto your phone! you will probably be better than me when i get home! It's been hard to memorize a scripture each day.. we knock doors all day, and between knocking doors and going to appointments, i don't really have time to memorize anything! I would do it during my personal study, but i'm trying to learn about things that i don't really know about, and i study to answer questions that people have asked me and that i have no idea how to answer.. so the memorizing is going kind of slow, but it will come! Wait so you finished translating that book finally? good work! are they paying you a lot for it? i'll be waiting for the money! haha and to let you know, yes we are allowed to wear beanies and earmuffs and scarfs and all that.. we gotta stay warm! the weather is actually really nice over here still.. in the 60's for the most part. i still haven't had to use a sweater or anything. but it will get cold soon, so i will need to start buying my winter gear in the next few weeks. That is awesome what Karla and Aaron are doing at the temple! that's a good idea for when I get married haha i'm happy for them.. It sounds like it's gonna be a full house! where are you guys gonna put everyone?! is everyone gonna fit..?

Mother Dear
I'm doing great! and yes, thanks again for my sweat pants, i didn't feel right without them.. Don't worry about sending the other ones soon, i know you are really busy with everything, so do everything you need to do over there, and when it's all done, then you can worry about me! Don't stress! I can't believe Karla is thinking about switching jobs! i thought she had a contract..? where does she want to go? i'm glad beto and alexia are getting along better now.. they need to! especially since they'll be the only ones living there soon.. haha you LIKE cooking for more people?? you should be happy that soon enough you'll only have to worry about 4 people instead of 6.. that will make it a lot easier on you! you're right, Siri has nothing on you! you are definitely way better.. and i do have some picture of all of the cool things in manhattan, but i don't have a whole lot.. there is just so much cool stuff that i don't really know what to take pictures of haha and as missionaries we're not supposed to look like tourists, which is hard not to sometimes ! I can't believe i have friends that are already back from their missions.. the other day i actually had a dream that they were home because Haley told me in a letter ha it was weird! 

Other matters.. things are going good. I DID talk to my companion haha and it worked. he's been moving faster since i talked to him about how i felt, and if he slows down, i move faster so that he'll have to catch up. gotta do what you gotta do! and i'm glad you guys aren't disappointed you can't come pick me up, it will be better when we just go after i'm officially released as a missionary so that i can go dressed like a normal person and do normal person things haha it will be great, and i'll show you guys around as best as i can! Sooo we had the coolest thing ever happen. On saturday the entire mission went to the church in scarsdale where we got to listen to elder D Todd Christofferson. he is officially one of my favorite apostles! he is so smart and spiritual and it was just such a great experience to be able to meet him and shake his hand and listen to him and ask him questions.. and he was funny too! but wow it was amazing to have all the missionaries in our mission there in the same place listening to an apostle.. I'm so grateful! last week our ward had 8 baptisms!!! we are killin it haha not me and my companion, but the other missionaries in our ward. we are all working hard to fulfill our purpose and calling as missionaries. I always thought i knew the gospel pretty well before i got here, even though i didn't have a lot of knowledge of the scriptures.. but coming out here was a reality check. i don't know a whole lot right now, but i can tell you that it's a lot more than i knew 3 months ago! i think we are blessed as missionaries when it comes to gaining knowledge.. we must be! OH. do you guys remember when you wrote down the blessing president burnham gave me?? is there any way you can send that to me? i want to read it.. nothing else is really going on with me.. Today we are going to the world trade center memorial and wall street and to see the big golden bull that's in the movie hitch.. i'm super excited. and i think next week i get to play basketball . WOOHOOO. its been forever. oh, and i'm trying to learn tongan. haha why not, right?! well, time for me to go, they're kicking me off the computer. I Love you guys and please take care of yourselves. and be expecting my letters in the mail sometime this week! hopefully i have time to write you all back. no' vemo'  !

-Elder ZAZueta.

I'm not homesick ... yet!

I really hope you all got to watch conference.. it was SOOO good! It's weird watching conference as a missionary. it kinda makes us look at things in a different way. that was the most attention i've ever paid, and i think that's the first time i've ever watched every single session haha but i loved it. Elder Nelson really put the pressure on us.. "If you need help- ask the missionaries. They can help you!" Missionary work is especially slow right now.. for one reason or another, and some days its really frustrating because we won't teach a single lesson. but conference re-motivated me and hopefully everyone else in our mission to step it up. We've really been struggling with out investigators and we've especially been struggling with finding new ones.. I don't know what to do other than to keep on keeping on. hopefully it will pay off soon, because we're not seeing a whole lot of success! In our zone meeting on monday we were told to keep working hard and to not get discouraged because even though we aren't really getting new investigators, we might only be here to plant the seed, and when some other missionary comes they will be the ones who can help certain people actually make that "seed" grow. as for the age .. I don't know what to think of it! 18 year olds and 19 year old sisters?! thats crazy! all of the missionaries were freaking out when that was announced. it made a lot of us reflect on what that would have been like if we were able to go when we were 18.. and then i thought about Beto. What's the plan my dude? Are you gonna go right after you graduate or what? you're so lucky! 

Today we are going to manhattan to see times square and then we're gonna go visit central park! I'm super excited! But it IS really cloudy and was raining earlier this morning so i hope that doesn't mess anything up. I also wanted to play basketball today but nobody else wanted to. 3 against 1.. i'm not winning that battle. and i just want to play basketball all the time, but i never have the chance to. SO i made a basketball hoop! i used cardboard for the backboard and melted the bottom of a bucket off and used the top for the rim. and for the net i cut the sleeve off of an old shirt and cut holes in it so it would look legit. and i hung it up in our apartment. Success? HECK YEAH. we play basketball every night now before we go to bed haha it is so funny and looks really dumb but i actually think its genius, naturally. 

I'm not homesick, but lately i've been missing you guys a lot more! I just want to let you guys know that i'm always thinking of you and hope you are all doing okay. i can imagine things might be a little crazy around the house with karla's wedding coming up so soon! i still expect to see a cut out of me there! Los quiero mucho a todos y espero que todo les va muy bien! Y 'apa, I hope you have the best birthday! tell mom to take you somewhere nice haha i would give you a hug, but i can't reach all the way over there.. Don't worry, i'll be making a chocolate cake and sharing it with my roommates in honor of your coming into the world a long time ago ha I love you Dad. and Mom. and Karla, and Beto, and Alexia. please take care and be wise. and if you didn't get to watch conference.. WATCH IT. 
Con mucho amor,
- Elder Zazueta

Another week come and go

Last week was good. our investigators are still struggling. not with commandents specifically, but more so just accepting the gospel. the hardest part is getting them to church! people just don't wanna go. if they only knew! i also had to speak in church because my companion didn't want to.. so the three new missionaries ended up speaking. i went last, but i only had like 5 minutes to talk, which i was actually sad about. i had to cut my talk in half! but afterwards the bishop apologized and said he wished he didn't have to cut me off and that he wanted to hear more.. so i guess that's a good thing! i felt really comfortable up there speaking in spanish which is definitely a first. i'm getting a lot more comfortable with spanish, but i still forget some words sometimes.. but the other day was the first time i forgot how to say a word in english. what word? i forgot the word "bottle" haha i could only say it in spanish and my companion had to tell me what it is.. unbelievable! we've been knocking a lot of doors lately.. and we've run into some REALLY interesting people.. mostly just crazy people. they have the craziest theories and blahh blahh blahh its just unreal how many different beliefs are out there. and yesterday was the first time we got kicked out of a building! every apartment building around where we live is usually 6 floors.. so if we manage to get in, we start at the top and work our way down so that we know the superintendent's door last, in case they kick us out we didn't miss anything. but yesterday the superintendent just happened to be on the top floor and we knocked 2 or 3 doors when he came up to us and told us we can't knock his building.. and we ended up teaching him haha he wasn't interested, but after we shared our message with him he was a lot nicer about it.. still kicked us out tho! Mom, i miss your cooking. i still don't even know what to buy when i go shopping haha but i'm surviving. well, it's time for me to go, but i want you guys to know that i love you, and that i worry about all of you! don't worry about me, the big man upstairs has my back! i hope everything is going well :)
Elder Zazueta
September 26, 2012
Mom, Dad, Everyone,
I'm sorry but this email is going to be short. Let me tell you about my day. We woke up, me and Elder Pawlowski Ran, and did the jump work out. My legs are so sore. then we went shopping. afterwards, we had to head to the transfer meeting! it's weird not being "the new guy" anymore. it's so funny to see the new missionaries' faces because i know that's what i looked like six weeks ago. after the meeting (which ended at twelve) everyone stayed at the church and said bye to the missonaries that are going home, and those who were getting transferred said goobye to their companions and their zones. in our zone, we got a new zone leader, two sisters got transferred out, and one of the elders from the trio went home, so now there's only two. after the meeting and everyone's goodbye's a lot of us stayed and played basketball. it was so fun! we got to play full court.. i haven't played full court basketball in FOREVER. it felt so good! even tho the court was small.. we played until three, and then we left and dropped our stuff off at home. then we went to the barber and it took the guy forever to cut my hair.. (i had to take money out of my account to pay for my haircut) so we hurried to the library which closes in like 10  minutes. so i'm writing this super fast! P-day's are supposed to be our " chill " day but it seems like they are the ones where we don't have enough time to do what we need! its nonsense! so yeah. things are going really good, and i've actually not been very cold. It feels so good! weather reports say its been around fifty but really i think it hasn't gone below 60.. so i don't think i'll need to start buying any of my winter stuff for a couple of weeks! no worries! i'm sorry this is so short but my time is out, i promise next week i will write back to this weeks email and next weeks! forgive me. I love you guys. THE CHURCH IS TRUE.