Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I'm doing soooo good!!

 ohhh man i'm sure Brisa's really excited, i'm super excited for her!  England? that's so lucky haha i'm kinda jealous even though i AM serving in the best mission in the world..  did you already send the newsletter? or not yet? i've actually seen some of the videos you were talking about! i was looking those up before i left home.. they are super funny! i wouldn't have been mad though, i definitely would have laughed about it.... i think! mothers day is so soon! and your birthday!!! that's crazy.. i'm super excited to be able to talk to you all but also sad i can't be there to enjoy those days with you.. conference was amazing! I really liked President monson's talk on sunday, elder holland's talk on sunday, and elder uchtdorf's talk from priesthood.. easily my favorite talks ! and we had quite a few investigators come to conference so that also made us super happy! transfers are next week!! but i really doubt i'll get transferred! if i stay it'll be the longest i'll have been in an area. ha but yeah, i think i'm safe for now, and i really wanna stay too. i love it so much here! as for the sister leadership stuff, i havent heard any of it.. we DO have "traveling sisters" in our mission which are two sisters who go around the whole mission and do exchanges with the other sisters so they can train and help each other and stuff, but other than that i haven't heard about any of it. and no, our mission didn't get split! but we do have a TON of missionaries coming in. last transfers we had 40 new missionaries come in and the average for our mission is like 12.. and this next week we're getting 33 more new missionaries.. sooooo there's gonna be a lot of new faces here!

sooo patricio and teresa. we went over last week with the bishop. it couldn't have gone more perfectly. they are gonna get married on may 10th, baptized on may 11th, and confirmed on may 12th. I'M SO EXCITED! i really hope i don't get transferred cuz i really wanna be there when all of that happens.. i'll be really sad if i don't get to ! zaida, well, she lives outside of our mission boundaries, so we cant teach her, but we  gave her information to missionaries in the south mission, so they'll be teaching her. hopefully she'll progress!
i love going to the gym. i feel so much better about myself haha and i feel more energized throughout the day. it's just really nice to sweat and be sore. it's been a while! i gotta say in shape too because i don't know if i will play basketball when i come home, but i would like for it to be an option.
i'm not getting dad's emails :/ the last email i have from him in my inbox is from march 20th.. i didn't get his this week either i dont know why? i'm sorry Dad! i don't know whats happening! could you try sending it again? i'm gonna try and hop on another computer later today and see if there's been any changes..

the work has been going super good. me and my son are like bestfriends. we get along so good and we've been working hard and our numbers are still going up . and now we have 2 scheduled baptisms... and a marriage! dope! also, the weather here is SOOOO NICE. i love it. we no longer have to wear our suit coats. and it's like heaven . i forgot how much i hated wearing a full suit until we were able to take them off. i love it. today we are going down to manhattan. one of the elders here knows a guy who works in the empire state building so we get to go up there for free! what upppp! and i also think i'm gonna buy a new suit today. i'm gonna go check them out, but we'll see how i feel about it. but yeah, that's pretty much it!
oh yeah, i did send the pictures last week so Haley has them! but yeah. i love you guys, and i hope you have a wonderful week! :)

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