Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Native New Yorker

Hey everyone! Juan has officially arrived in New York! We have some pictures for y'all!
(that may or may not be real)


flying above the city

out on the town with the comp on P-Day

and here's Juan's letter/new address upon arriving!

Mom and Dad
Well, i'm here in New York! let me go through the past couple days for you guys. Last days at the mtc were kinda weird because we knew we were leaving. Most of our district left monday before the sun came out, so by the time we had class, there was four of us instead of ten. it was me and ochoa along with two sisters in our district. as you know we flew to detroit first ( long flight ) and then from detroit we flew to westchester! ( short flight, tiny plane.. ) but once we arrived, President and Sister Morgan were there waiting for us along with the assistants to the president, they were all so nice! they knew us all by name and seemed so excited that we were there. the mission home is about 20-25 minutes from the airport, so we all piled into a few cars/vans and headed that way. Westchester County is SOOO GREEN. there are trees everywhere! and grass. and moss. and whatever else you can think of that is green. The mission home is huge, it has four floors... we all got to choose our bed and we waited for dinner. it was like thanksgiving. Sister morgan made two 20 lb turkeys.. we had a ton of mashed potatoes, and rolls, and vegetables, and salad. it was so good. and for dessert we had cheesecake with strawberries! not strawberry cheesecake.. then i had an inteview with president morgan.. he is so kind and said a lot of good things about me, and that he has high expectations, hopefully i don't let him or anyone else down! so we had our transfer meeting which is where we got to meet our companions. My companion is Elder Fairbourn, from Sandy Utah. He goes home in November! He's really nice, and prior to meeting him everyone said he is a great missionary and very hardworking, so i'm glad for that! i don't think we'll be playing a lot of basketball though :(  he doesn't seem like the athletic type.. everyone else plays ball on p-days, but when i asked him what he does he said he likes to go places.. which is fine, but i'm tryna hoop ya kno wat i mean !!!! haha and now to let you know where i am. Well i am in the FINE city of Bronx, New York. What up tho. we've walked around some and there are people EVERYWHERE. how many white people have i seen here? (aside from my three roomates ) a grand total of like 8. 8 white people. they're all blacks and dominicans. but that ain't no problem, i think it's awesome! this place is so ghetto though, i'm really in the hood, i think i'm finally at home in regards to how i talk..  our apartment isnt too bad. the only bad thing is that our kitchen sink gets no cold water, the floor in our kitchen is peeling, people pee in the elevator, we have a nice collection of cockroaches,  we also have a decent spider exhibit in the top right corner of the bed room- for all those who like to see spiders.. the list goes on.but then i come to find out that we're in the richest part of the bronx but i'm not complaining! there are some really cool things about the apartment.. we live on the 6th floor, which is the top of our building. all the locks are magnetic, and there are a billion pigeons that chill outside our kitchen window. But if i look out of my bedroom window we can see the empire state building and all that good stuff! it's pretty far though, so i can see it, but it's to far to show up in my camera.. haha I'm not lying when i say this, but I really Love this place! i'm so excited to do the work. to learn.. to invite others to come unto christ.. to have a cool dominican accent.. its all good! also, nobody in our mission rides bikes. upstate missionaries drive, and all the missionaries in the city ride the subway or the bus. and walk. a lot. so i guess i won't be getting fat! especially since the members don't feed us.. i just wanted to let you know that i love you and i miss you! and that i'm doing so good :) also, here is my mailing address for the next 3 months! if you could get this to everyone i appreciate it.. if you send mail to the mission home it will probably take a week for me to get it once it gets there, so the sooner this address gets out, the better! gracias, los quiero mucho y los extrano! cuidense por favor!!
Elder Juan Zazueta
2180 Bronx Park East #6E
Bronx, NY 10462

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