Friday, February 15, 2013

New Address

our week was pretty good! we are actually only teaching a couple and a young woman.. but soon we will get more! a lot of our work has been with less actives and helping them do FHE and come to church and things like that.. we visit a lot of the members in the ward too! the girl we are teaching committed to baptism, she'll be getting baptized on the 23rd, so next saturday! i'm excited.. the couple that we are teaching had something come up, so we haven't seen them in over a week.. no bueno! but we are going to their house tomorrow so hopefully we can get them back on track. don't worry about the pages from the book, do your thing haha your work is more important.

Yesss now i'm with my people haha i don't know that much spanish.. i feel like it was better when i was here the first time.. i just know that it's mofongo, not mojongo! haha i've actually never even had it.. but i think it's something with plantains? not really sure. tonight i'm gonna eat mangu for the first time, which is another dominican food made with plantains. i'll be sure to let you guys know how it is..  also, arizona is crazy! haha i can't believe you guys are colder than us! that doesn't make sense.. haha i know, i think i bring the trouble.. i'm just going to have to warn people next time i get transferred so they can prepare to get hit with who knows what.. i'm patiently waiting for my package haha no worries, i ain't trippin!!! elder vasquez is from celaya, guanajuato! we haven't had any baptisms yet, but we will get some on the way! i hope..

okayyy my turnnn
so. everything is everything. meaning everything is good! i'm meeting more and more of the members and they love me and my companion because we speak fluent spanish haha we have an unfair advantage, and i'm grateful for it! we are still working hard and staying busy. our mission president has really been focusing on re-activating less active members and said they are of as much importance as new converts, so we've been having a lot of lessons with less actives members and it's going really well! we have fun. me and elder vasquez are getting along really good, so we don't have any problems! the other two that live with us tho are completely different, so they struggle a little bit. good thing the mexicans are there to lighten the mood haha you guys ask about the blizzards. they're not fun. not here in NYC! we got a lot of snow, somewhere between 6-12 inches. which would've been fine if i was in connecticut, but here in new york city the snow SUCKS. there is no space to put it.. cars get buried when people plow the snow.. the other day me and my companion helped push like 7 cars out of there parking spot and we shoveled a few sidewalks too.. and the snow turns black and gross since its the city.. and then we got the kids having snowball fights in the middle of the street. crazy! we were walking right in the middle of one and some little 12 year old kid was like "STOP THROWING SNOW! WE GOT PEOPLE WITH SUITS ON OVER HERE, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!" hahaha it was so funny. it was good to know he had our backs. i haven't bought my suit yet.. i  think i'm gonna buy it the next time i go to manhattan at a store called H&M.. they have them for like 100 bucks.. and i wanna get a skinny suit and they sell them there. so i think i might wait a little longer. we'll see! i haven't touched any of the money you deposited .. as promised haha i'm so sorry i forgot to give you guys my address! in the NYC public libraries we only get 45 minutes to use the computer before we get kicked off.. so i logged out and forgot to put my address, and i tried to log back in , but it wouldn't let me because i used up all my time. i'm sorry! 
my address is:
The King Of New York
811 Walton Ave #B6
Bronx, NY 10451

sorry.. forgive me :) also. today is brisa's birthday! can you tell her i said Happy Birthday Please!  that would be great. soo yeahh..i don't really have anything else.. i don't really have any big news, other than i've never been so happy for a day that is 42 degrees. haha i'm out here in a T-shirt it feels so nice!!!! new york has changed me. i hope everything is going super good with you guys. I miss you all so much. tell everyone i said hi, and let people know my address ! Los quiero y extrano muchisimo. cuidense!!

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