Friday, February 8, 2013

I love to be back in NY!!!

 I love being back! My Ward is awesome. we are Concourse ward. lots of dominicans. 
mostly dominicans actually.. in my side of the bronx, there are 2 spanish wards and 1 
english ward. its kinda funny! Elder Vasquez is so cool tho.
we have 3 people who we think are ready to be committed to baptism.. so 
next time we see them we are definitely gonna be inviting them. but yeah. Elder 
vasquez is from Mexico! so we're two mexicans, we both speak fluent spanish, and 
everyone in the ward loves us haha he's 26, almost 27. so he has a little bit more of 
life experience than i do.. and his spanish is better than mine because he came here 
when he was a teenager.. but we get along super good and have been working super 
hard! it's the first time on my mission where we've been too busy to knock doors.. 
we just have a ton of appointments! we hope to keep it this way.. 
i have to tell you guys that i am so lucky to be in THIS mission. You guys know what 
preach my gospel is right? our book that helps us know what to teach and how to teach 
it? well the guy who wrote preach my gospel came to our mission and trained us on 
how to be better missionaries and all this other stuff and it was INCREDIBLE. 2 out of the 
3 guys who run the missionary department were there helping us.. that was why i couldn't 
email on wednesday, because my zone got the training on that day so we had to change 
our! and then yesterday all of the zone leaders in the mission got to come and receive 
the training along with some other missionaries, and i got chosen to go again.. so i got 2 
full days of training.. and what they showed us was so simple but so powerful and just 
changed the way of thinking for all of us who were there.. so the night after the first 
training, our zone committed 7 people to get baptized.. in one night. 7! thats a lot! at 
least for our mission/area. and the next day we got two more.. and i think by next week 
me and elder vasquez will add another 3.. we are praying! but it was amazing. the head 
of the missionary department right now was actually the mission president in mesa, so i 
talked to him a little while about our stake and stuff.. it was cool! but yeah.. i'm doing 
so good haha working hard.. loving my ward. and dad, you going out with the missionaries 
is paying off because now i have someone coming with us to almost every single 
appointment! so thank you ha ohhhh also, my area is super small compared to my last 
one, but it's awesome. and yankee stadium is literally like 2 blocks from my apartment.. 
so if i walk down the street i can see it.. pretty cool right? so yeah. i don't know what 
else to say haha I love you guys so much. 

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