Saturday, May 4, 2013

My best friend ... my companion ..

Things are going awesome. we went over to patricio and teresa's house yesterday, they are still doing awesome! teresa just got her passport so now they have everything they need to get the marriage license and we are actually gonna try to go with them to get that this weekend! we are praying for them so that we can do everything by the date that we set before.. but they are awesome, we love them! we've been teaching more than usual and we love it.. we are so busy tho! time.. there's not enough of it! 
today we went to the temple. it was legit like always haha me and Critchfield still get along great, we're best friends and that really helps the work so much because we're always on the same page and we never fight or anything.. everything just flows, it's nice! but yeah, that's pretty much it for now, sorry for the lame update, but know that i'm doing good and that i love you guys :) OH and i'll be figuring everything out for mothers day! i'll try to let you guys know by next week! los quiero mucho! cuidense :)


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