Saturday, May 4, 2013

Buenas tardes, hermanos y hermanas.

buenas tardes, hermanos y hermanas. 

Dad! i knew you'd be proud that i wake up to an alarm. i consider it a skill and i am very proud of my new ability haha and i'm also proud of you for going out with the missionaries so much! thats really something i think is awesome. they're really putting you to work! haha i like that sammy went with them as well, now you just gotta get beto to go.. being out here i wish i would've gone out with them a lot more before i came out.. it would've helped so much! how are the sisters in the ward doing? is everyone receiving them well? everyone loves the sisters out here. they are just way cooler than us without trying. it's not fair. i'm glad SOMEONE is playing my ukulele. i knew sophie was probly feeling really lonely without me there. i definitely feel the need for her sometimes! wow dad california again? how the heck do you do it? your school just puts you through so much suffering! if you want i can talk to administration myself and see what i can do about making you go on these trips.. that's ridiculous! and we actually still don't know if we'll be able to skype or what. it's weird how we're kinda just being kept in the dark on the subject. hopefully we'll find out soon so that we can set up a time! if we CAN skype, we already have a place to go, we just need to get the okay, ya know what i mean?

 i'm super good :) Happy! but yeah, re-activating people isn't very easy at all.. but i love working with these people because they are still very friendly and they know the truth , the hard part is just getting them to act on it, ya know? yes, i've actually heard a lot about the bombings in boston! there's tv's at the gym we go to. and every once in a while we just so happen to look at them for a few seconds.. haha but it's been all over the news! so i've seen some, but i didn't know that NY was in the plans! that's crazy! there IS a scripture that talks about the destructiong of NY and Boston. D&C 84 i think? i think NY is a target because there are just so many people here! it would do the most damage.. i'm so glad beto and alexia are getting along better, i'm sure that gives the house a whole different feel!  and yes mom haha maturing is a word. good job :) kevin hasn't written me yet.. could you give me his and brisa's email? emailing them would be a whole lot easier! and i cant wait to see you dunk it! haha gosh i don't have a lot of time, i hate these library computers! but i'm gonna send you guys some pictures so the email is gonna be cut short, but i will write you guys a letter today or tomorrow explaining how my week went, is that okay? i'm sorry, i know i'm a terrible son, but you still have to love me anyway!!! I love you guys! be safe!!!!

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