Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Aug 7th

things are going well i suppose! its been a bit of a slow week. we had the mission leadership council this past friday which was really good as always. we didn't have any new announcements we just talked a lot about how we could become a consecrated mission. it was awesome! things are looking up, our mission president is truly amazing, he does so much for us! so, yesterday, an elder went home who was serving in our district. so his companion needed somewhere to go and he got assigned to us! so now we are in a trio ! haha we spent a lot of time yesterday going back and forth between the 2 apartments to get all the stuff because he'll be living with us for the next two weeks until transfers where it will be easier to assign him a new companion. today we are going to stay in pretty much all day to make sure our apartment is clean and then we're going to the other apartment where nobody will live for the next few weeks to clean it up because it is a MESS! haha but it's all good. things are going good , i am happy, God is good! i love you guys, byeee :)

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