Wednesday, August 21, 2013

July 31st

things are going well i suppose! michelle is doing good, we haven't seen her for a week and a half because the members that were gonna come with us have canceled the past 2 times.. and we cant go in her house without another male because she's a single mom.. so it's a little frustrating! but we're having an activity at the church on saturday and she said she's coming so hopefully we can get back on track with her! our other investigator alexandra really wants to get baptized but she's having a lot of trouble giving up smoking and so we're trying to help her work through that.. but things are good! yesterday we had zone conference. it was awesome. President talked a lot about becoming a consecrated mission/missionary and i think it really motivated a lot of people (including myself) to make the changes we need to to become more dedicated to the work that we've set out to do! the beach was really fun last week, the sand was really hot tho. and it was really hard, so i was really wishing i could have just jumped in the water. and while we were there some girls started trying to talk to me and all this nonsense it was pretty funny. today we are going to ground zero because portillo has never been and if there's time we're gonna try to go to the museum of natural history, so it should be a good day :) also, did you guys hear about the dress code changes? if you haven't, look on, its pretty cool! i'm gonna need money to buy a new bag because we're not supposed to have backpacks anymore.. but yeah. thats really it! I love you guys, i hope all is well :) bye!

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