Sunday, December 30, 2012

December 19, 2012

I am staying here! transfers are today, but we got the call on sunday to know where we're going or if we're staying. I'll be here speaking portuguese for another 6 weeks. our zone leader is going down to the bronx, and we are getting a new one from sleepy hollow. His name is Elder Bean haha so yeah, i still get to skype you guys! and the family whose house we're going to hasn't told us how many computers we're going to be able to use, so i still don't know what time for sure.. either 2 or 4 for me. which is 12 or 2 for you... soo just be ready at both times, because i don't know what time it will be yet. I think i will just call you guys on the phone really quick right before it's my turn so you guys can log on! i'm sorry that's the best i can do for the times.. forgive me! and haley does know, but can one of you guys call her and let her know what's gong on? i told her in a letter, but if you guys could let her know just to be sure..
Things are going okay out here. The Newtown shooting has really been the talk of the town and i don't think it will die out soon. The school where the shooting happened is actually in my area.. In my building there are three wards.. Danbury 1st, Danbury 2nd, and Newtown ward. One of the families in newtown ward actually lost their daughter/sister in the shooting.. Emilie Parker. On saturday we had our ward christmas party and while we were there a lot of news teams came to the church building and interviewed Robbie Parker (her dad) so i actually got to meet her two little sisters.. it was so sad. then on sunday during church CNN came to our church building to do another interview. It's been crazy to be so close to where it happened.. On monday me and Elder potter drove down to the school and there was a ton of people there leaving stuff in memory of all the kids.. i have some pictures, i'll send them as soon as i get my other memory card back.. but it's been pretty unreal. Proselyting hasn't really been all that different.. but it is weird because we all have the thought of what happened in the back of our minds.. hopefully people can return to their normal lives as quickly as possible!
That's all for now, we can talk about everything else on tuesday :) sorry again about not knowing what time for sure, if i find out anything i will try to get word to you guys somehow!  I miss you all so much and i'm so excited to see you and talk to you! remember, if you have any questions or anything you want to tell me write it down so you don't forget! I Love you, talk to you soon :) Falo!

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