My area. super slow. there's been 1 baptism in the past 2 years.. 
and she was deported back to brazil/brasil .. sooo yeah. finding is hard. 
teaching is hard. but we keep on going. things will pick up sometime, 
i know they will. our branch is moving to a new building in march that 
is actually in danbury, so it will be a lot easier for people to get to and 
from church! right now it's hard for people to go all the way out to 
newtown, so we hope that when we get our new building, we'll have 
a lot more church attendance.. cross your fingers.. how is our ward doing?

queens! it was so fun! we got put into groups with the missionaries from 
the south mission and they were so cool! i don't know if you remember 
byron schlecty, but he is in that mission, and the elders i was with knew 
him so they gave me their phone and i got to call him, it was really cool!
 and while we were there working, some guy invited us over for pasta so 
we went to his house and we found out he was a federal agent and we 
asked if he had any guns so he brought all his guns out and let us play 
with them haha it was so cool! then we left his house and another guy 
came up to us and told us he ordered pizza for us.. so we got fed twice 
while we were there! it was so awesome.

sammy is moving in!? that's crazy! but it should be good for him. 
i wish i was there for that, i love that kid. he could teach me how to 
dance haha i know you guys will love having him there and will take 
good care of him. 

my suit. i still don't know what i'm going to do. i think i'm going to 
wait a little bit and maybe wait until i get transferred to buy a new 
one, because suits take up a lot of space in a suit case and i can 
barely fit all my stuff in my luggage as it is! so i think i might wait 
a little bit! but thank you for the money. 
we are going to the temple today! that's why this email isn't very 
good haha we woke up at 5, left our house at 6 to be here in New 
canaan by 7 to email because we probably won't have time later 
in the day. and then we have to leave here very soon to drive to 
stamford so we can take a train down to the bronx, so we can take 
the subway down to manhattan haha it's a long process, that's why 
we had to leave so early! but yeah, i'm excited to go down to the 
city again and go to the temple :) 

well, i gotta go so i can send you some pictures real quick, but i 
love you all so much. be safe, have fun. i know dad's familiar 
with that phrase haha los quiero mucho, adios :)