Monday, December 17, 2012

One more week in CT

Poppa Bear
I can't believe Joey is in 5 degree weather on a bike.. i would die.. it hasn't really that cold here and everyone says its super weird.. i suppose it is because usually we have snow here by now but there is none.. just a lot of fog! but i'm grateful that it's not too cold.. i'm one to favor the heat ya know! Your mission sounds legit! and HUGE! i vote we go there someday yeah? that would be cool.. i can bring you back to my mission, and you can take me back to yours! can you really notice a change in me? i don't feel like i've changed much.. sometimes i see other missionaries and i wonder why i'm not like them.. then i remember we're not supposed to compare ourselves with others.. so i let it go! at times though i just feel like i don't really know enough to be out here. it's a weird feeling! but i know i've learned a lot since i've left and that i havent been out for too long, so there is a lot more for me to experience and learn before i really can fulfill my potential.. and yes, everyone saw my christmas card and copied it, so i'm proud of my efforts haha the car in the photo is mine and elder potters. it's a 2010 Toyota Corolla. we hate it because it's a girl car. so yeah. it's dumb haha but i suppose it's better than a bike.. and yeah, sadly we didn't have a star for our tree, but the squirrel does just fine. it makes sense since we basically live in the forest..
as for the mold in queens, we did see a little bit of mold, but not too much.. and we're for sure not allowed to go anymore, so we don't have to worry about that. luckily none of us are sick, so i don't think there was too much stuff in the air while we were cleaning! and just to let you know, i AM proud of you for inviting that family to join you guys at the missionary activity at the park. we always invite our members to look for missionary opportunities because we know it doesn't just bless the other people, but it blesses you as well.. and it makes me happy that you did that! and it's ironic that the guy's son's name was junior haha tryna be like us! nonsense.. but yeah you never know, it might not seem like much now, but i guarantee that they'll remember the time that guy invited them over for some hot chocolate.. the seed is there, who knows, maybe it will grow soon!
Momma Bear
Estou bem! Tudo a passado muito bom esta ultima semana! I'm glad you guys liked the Christmas card, and i'm glad you guys still think i'm pretty haha but yeah, the missionaries in the picture are the ones who live with me! and they are all awesome and we get along really well, so we have a lot of fun together. Plus the other two are zone leaders, so we get to know everything before everyone else in the zone, it's nice! i'm glad karla and aaron go over every other week to eat.. i'm jealous! haha i miss your food. and actually no, i don't know if you'll believe this- but i haven't eaten a tortilla since i left home. besides the cheap ones we used to buy to make quesadillas.. but no homemade ones. weird right? but yes! i got the package and it was so wonderful haha i knew it was on its way, so everyday i would stare out the window until the mailman showed up to see if it came.. it got here on saturday and it made me so happy! and the cd came in good shape, nothing is broken and it IS the right one haha thank you so much mom! and Elder Potter also says thank you for everything you got him. i don't have any mexican candy... but i would love some more, it's been a long time since i've had one!! so that would be lovely.. you gave your hair away? you should've gave it to one of the elders who lives with me cuz he's losing his! hahaha i'm glad to hear Alexia's doing good.. that's always good to hear! shoot, by the sounds of it, beto's gonna be huge by the time i get home! he's gonna show me up haha can't wait..
alrighty now for the other stuff.
Skype. I have a skype account! my username is air.force.juan         add me! but yeah it's so nice that we have everything set up! we don't remember if the family has one or two computers.. so we have two possibilities of a time.. if they have one computer, i will be making the call at around 4 pm connecticut time.. which i believe is 2 pm for you guys? but if they have 2 computers i will be making the call at around 2 pm here, so i think that's 12 pm for you.. we're going to try to find out how many computers they have so we can have a set time, so i will let you know in my next email for sure! we get to skype for an hour, so we were advised to use it wisely! if you guys have any questions or anything you want to tell me i suggest you write it down so you don't forget and so we can talk about everything! so i'm gonna be on the projector? jeez.. i gotta make sure i look good then haha and remember that Haley will be there too.. I'm a little scared though.. transfers are a week before christmas.. so i just hope i don't get transferred and end up going somewhere where i can't skype! so pray for me that i won't get transferred haha please!
we're having some rule changes in the mission. we now have to wear our suits everyday.. BOO! i don't like it. but president knows better than us haha so i think the next thing i'll have to buy is a suit because i only have one.. one of the elders i live with says he knows where we can get one for like 100 bucks, so i hope he's right because the one i have was like 300..
another thing we're doing is starting now, we have to choose a day where we don't use our car.. with the missionary age going down, we are getting a TON of new missionaries really soon, and the mission cant buy a lot more cars.. so we think that the car rule is in effect to prepare us to have bikes... we think. so i don't know, we might have to buy bikes soon! crazy..
tell karla she's slackin for forgetting the pictures! haha just kidding. but i hope you guys get it soon so you can send my memory card back because i have more pictures to send home and i want to send them home before christmas, but i cant send them home if i don't have my other memory card!
but yeah.. everything is going well. portuguese is still a struggle, but i guess i can give you guys a sample when we skype if you want! ha it's so close to spanish you'll probably think i'm just making it up.. today we are going to the party barn. i won't explain because i'm gonna make a video of it to send home so you can see how magical it is. hopefully you'll see it before christmas. I have to go, but I love you guys soooo much. and i CANT WAIT to talk to you on christmas! it's so close.. ahhhh! haha i miss you all and love you all. be safe, have fun, and always remember who you are. Zazzy out!

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