Thursday, November 29, 2012

Random things

... not a whole lot has happened this week.. we did get to go down to queens again to help, but this time we didn't do any of the heavy stuff. we helped a lady who was a hoarder.. she had SO MUCH STUFF and like 20 cats and it was just unbelievable.. we emptied out her garage and there was a HUGE pile of stuff and as we emptied it out and took stuff from the pile we found out there was a CAR under all of the stuff.. it was crazy! but it was fun.. she was very nice and very grateful for our service.. we had interviews this week in our zone, but since i had mine right before i got transferred i didn't get to have another one. but after all the interviews were done we were going to end and eat lunch, and one of the AP's asked me to do the prayer, and then President Morgan told me i had to do it in portuguese.. i'd never been so nervous in my life haha but i did it and he was super impressed, even though i slipped some spanish into it- i don't think he noticed. but yeah, life is good, and the language is coming along. We were going to skype at brother whitmore's house on christmas- he is super rich, he's the CEO of IBM and he's our ward mission leader..- but it turns out we can't. so i think we're going to end up skyping at the Eberhards. and i think we're gonna have a limit of 45 minutes.. lame, that's not long enough! but i hope you guys have some cool stories for me haha i can't wait to see and talk to everyone! and yes, i still try super hard to not get fat. i think i'm getting a little stronger because i do pull ups and push ups all the time.. literally if i have a minute to spare anywhere in the day i get down and do push ups haha i think its working. but yeah everything is good here, i love my companion and we get along so good! his mom sent me a tie for christmas, so mom if you can just get him a little something too, that would be great! I love you guys so much and i miss you. Remember to say your prayers and to look for missionary opportunities throughout your day. I promise that you will be blessed! take care, be safe, look both ways before you cross to make sure you don't hit any deer, and wait for your hot chocolate to cool down so you don't burn your turn. Eu amo a voces, ciao!

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