I'm not in the bronx yet! haha i'm in bethel still.. transfers are today! but no, i won't be in the same building. before
my area was on the east border of the bronx.. now i'll be covering the area that is on the west border.. it's a
i'm going to be Jr companion again... and i will be with Elder Vasquez! he's like 26... i actually had to leave some 
candy and some ties because i couldn't fit it all in my luggage.. but it's okay! and yeah, i think i will be buying a 
suit pretty soon! we'll see if i can find a good deal. i'm super excited to go back down to the city tho! and speak
 spanish.. there are a lot of dominicans there.. so it won't be a problem finding people that speak my assigned 
language. and i knew that i was leaving because Elder Potter got a call from president telling him that he will be
 training a new missionary in portuguese, and he told him that i was getting transferred but not to tell me anything..
 but president talks really loud so i heard him say it haha so i know i was getting transferred since last thursday. 
but i didn't find out where until sunday night, which is when they call everyone and tell them where they'll be going/
staying.. i hope that made sense! i actually dont know if i have the book... i'll have to look again once i go down to
 the city. yes, hopefully i can do more exercise! i hope someone in my new apartment will be willing to go with me..
 in the city there is a gym called "planet fitness" and its only 10 dollars a month for a membership, and we're allowed 
to get one as long as we promise to be at our study desk by 8 ... so if there is one close, i'm definitely going to be 
getting a membership! but yeah, if you can find those videos of the military, send it this way haha i need it! dad 
that's so awesome that you've been going out with the missionaries.. i don't know if they've told you, but i'm sure
 they are super grateful that you are willing to do that with them!

I'm doing so good! very excited.. i knew you guys would be happy that i'm going to speak spanish again haha 
i am too... Elder Potter is doing good! he was really sick yesterday.. he stayed home all day! but he's doing a
 little better today.. but yes, i will miss him! hopefully my new companion is cool and we get along.. that's awesome
 that sammy is gonna be going out with the missionaries! i wish i would've done that more before i came out so 
that i could have more experience..  
 Ha ha! Beto told me he made regionals, alexia told me about her contacts, and karla told me she went over to the house 
haha and i'm happy for all of them :) and yes, i got both packages! you guys are the best.. i'm gonna try to 
write back to all the letters i got, but i don't know if i will have time! don't worry, i don't feel pressured with you 
telling me that.. i just hope all my cousins and family members will also make the decision to serve a mission 
when it's time, because it truly has been a blessing for me.. and really there's nothing else i would rather be 
doing than this!
soooo yeah.. this past week was a little hectic. since i'm leaving i wanted to say bye to all of my favorite people 
in our branch, but elder potter was sick yesterday so we couldn't go out.. but it's okay! the senior missionaries in 
our district took me out for lunch yesterday to the cheesecake factory as a way of saying goodbye.. it was very 
nice of them! i have so much stuff haha my suitcases look like they're going to explode! so yeah, right now i'm 
still in bethel, and transfers are at 1.. so we have transfer meeting at a chapel that is about an hour away (which 
is where all of the upstate missionaries go) and then they will drive me down to a chapel in the bronx (which is 
where all the missionaries in the city go for transfers) and then they will give me my metro card and i will take the 
bus/train to my new apartment.. and then i'm settled haha our mission president called me on sunday night to 
tell me i was getting transferred, and then he told me to prepare because he wants me to train after this next 
cycle.. so i'm excited! and a little nervous. but it's all gravy, i'm super excited to be down in the city where its 
busy and noisy and dirty and just NEW YORK haha ya tu sabe! i don't have much else.. sorry! but next email 
i'll for sure update you guys with my new address and all the details about my area and stuff.. cool? i love 
you guys so much! cuidense por favor :)