Saturday, June 1, 2013

Investigators update

nothing really cool has happened. except saturday we went up to a camp in newburgh, new york for a service project! only 2 of the zones in our mission went and i was lucky enough to be in one of them! and honestly, we didn't really do anything there except for take dumb pictures haha as you have seen.. uhmm investigators wise, we just got dropped by a columbian couple. they told us that they were raised catholic and all of this other nonsense and said that the things we are teaching them are confusing them about the things they've been taught their whole life.. which is kind of the point haha but they told us they didn't want to continue the lessons.. so that was lame. but they were really nice about it and said that we are welcome to come by and say hi whenever we're in the neighborhood. so we are still friends! as for patricio and teresa. gosh they drive me crazy! they didn't come to church on sunday.. then teresa called us yesterday and told us that patricio is having some issues.. he was all good and ready to go through with everything, but he went out with his friends on friday night and they pretty much talked him out of getting married and baptized .. they told him we are pressuring him too much and just a bunch of things that really got to him i guess. so i don't think the wedding will be happening next weekend. we are going over on saturday to knock some sense into him.. or probly just talk to him about how things are going and why he's had this change in him.. we have to help him realize the importance of both marriage and baptism. it's not the first time that he has his doubts so i think we'll be able to get him back to where he was/should be. i just hope this doesn't keep happening! blahh.. so frustrating. but anyway. mom's birthday is coming up soon, are you guys planning anything big? and mother's day! i'm so excited! it seems like christmas wasn't too long ago at all and now i get to talk to you guys again! you guys better be writing down your questions and stories cuz i want to hear all of them! so yeah, that's pretty much the update with me. and also that i've lost some weight since we've been going to the gym i think. i don't know if i look like it though. but whatever. i eat a tonnnnnnn, like. a lot. it's a problem haha good thing we're going to the gym cuz otherwise i would be mr. sumo!!! i don't really have any other news.. things are going well and i'm still having fun AND the weather is FINALLY getting nice. it has been teasing us for the last while but i think the cold is gone for good. at least i'm hoping so! i hope all is well with you guys, los quiero mucho! 

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