Thursday, July 25, 2013

July 24, 2013.

Things are going good! the ward is crazy like always, but i love them. there is a ward baptism tomorrow and the kid's mom asked me if i could give a talk on baptism during the service, so i get to do that.. and then on sunday i have to give a talk in sacrament! first ever time that i'll be giving a talk completely in english, in an english ward, ever. haha i will be speaking on the sabbath day. 
our investigator michelle is AWESOME. yesterday we went to her house and we watched the joseph smith movie with her because she had asked us before about his persecution and stuff so we decided it would just be better to watch the movie and she loved it. she said during the movie it was confirmed to her that joseph smith was a prophet of God. this week she'll be praying about Thomas S Monson. but she is soo ready. its awesome we love her so much haha our investigators are a little shaky. we haven't been teaching too many lessons lately, but the ones we do teach are good and we're seeing progress- although slow- with those people we are teaching. and our relationship with the ward is getting a lot better too. the members love us. this week we have a dinner almost every night with a member. and each member wants all 8 of us there together haha if that ain't love then i don't know what love is!  we are going to the beach again today for our zone activity. it should be fun :) i'ma be real dark by the end of the summer. and i bought me some 2 dollar flip flops so that i can get some cool tan lines on my feet. but yeah. that's pretty much it guys. I love you so much. remember the Church is true!

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