Tuesday, February 4, 2014

January 29, 2014.


Yeah. Weather is terrible. Haha but we are not confined right now.. It's just freezing outside! Like 15 degrees right now. I didn't know you had gotten that sick while you were on your mission! That sounds terrible.. I feel so blessed because I haven't even had one day where I didn't feel well enough to go out. I bet that was a Pretty big trial.. I've heard so many good things about the Gilbert temple! A lot of pictures on Facebook. I would like to see it haha it looks amazing. Haha yeah Alex boye was a totally random thing but it was super cool! Que es la comisión de Sonora-Arizona? Is that for isagenix? You should totttaallllyyyyy grab some candy on the way back.... Just an idea. A new counselor! Who do you think it will be? Aww Mann. No more juice box :( I loved that car. I still feel super bad for crashing it.. I remember you were really looking forward to be able to drive it.. Sorry again.. I'm not worried about the car situation, I have a longboard so if anything I can use that to get around! 

I'm doing a lot better! I'm not coughing anymore. I'm sorry you are still sick! Have you gone to the doctor? You should. I know you would tell me to do that if I said I was sick. I can't believe the temple has 4 floors! The one here is 5, but only two of them are the temple.. El obispo garnica cuanto tiempo tiene como obispo? Crees qué lo van a relevar pronto? Yeahhh. Dad told me about the car. I'm  not upset. How much were you able to get for it? Haha I was wondering why I never got your card! I thought it might have been lost or something.. I'm glad you have it! 

The rest.
This week has gone by so fast! We didn't do a whole lot.. We had interviews this past Thursday. Mine was interesting. It's always good to talk to president, he always knows how to help and how to make us better! 
The work has been a little slow. A few weeks ago we talked with our bishopric about how we need to get our members more involved with our online stuff, so they told us that on the 26th they would give us (the missionaries) the entire third hour of church to teach the members about what we do on Facebook and how they could help us. So then this Sunday we were all ready with our training and everything and we were excited to get this stuff going.. But the bishopric forgot to tell everyone in the ward and in the auxiliaries soooo we didn't get to do it. And now we don't know when we will be able to. Super lame. Our ward struggles a little bit with stuff like that. 
I can't believe I officially have less than 6 months left. It's unreal. My 18 month mark was actually on the same day as one of our sister missionaries, so we kinda celebrated together. We went to the Aguilar's (whom I love more than anyone out here)  house for dinner. She made posole :) it was pretty good! But it sucks cuz I just compare everyone's food to mom's and in my head I always think.. Mom's is better... But I still enjoyed it haha and also I officially started what the missionaries out here call 6 months to sexy.. Meaning the last 6 months is the time we work out super hard so that by the time we get home we are looking prime !  
Transfers are also next week. Either one of us could go, but elder mceachern will probably leave. We know for sure we won't be together, so this time next week I will have a new companion! I'm a little nervous, but I'm sure it will be fine. It's crazy to think that after next week I will only have four transfers left... It's that time! But anyway, today is the birthday of one of the sisters in our zone, so we are kinda throwing her a party today! It should be fun! I love you guys. Mom, get better please. And everyone else- take care of her. :)  have a good week!

I don't know if you guys have seen the original picture, but one of the sisters here drew me this version. It's my three favorite things. Me as a missionary, me as a basketball player, and me eating chicken wings. 

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