Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Monticello, NY Feb. 12, 2014.

I don't have TOO much time today, so I'm just gonna write one big email. I'll have people keep their eyes out for a package with my name on it.. Idk how long it takes for mail to get up here from the office.
So yeah. Monticello. I met up with my companion Elder Encarnacion last Thursday at Ossining and they gave us our phone and our car keys and sent us off haha we drive a 2013 Chevy cruze. White. It looks really dirty right now.  But things have been really good. We live in Monticello, which is a tiny town. But our area is HUGE because we cover all of the surrounding towns.. Me and my companion get along super good. He's been out on his mission for about 8 months, so I'm the senior companion. Since he's from the DR, we speak a lot of spanish together! It's good for me haha a lot of people told us Monticello was gonna be horrible but we've actually been having a really good time. Encarnacion loves to dance, and he's actually really good. And he is super good on the piano too. And he likes to rap, so we like to freestyle in the car on our way to stuff.. Even tho we are both really bad haha it's so weird for me to not be a zone leader. I feel different, but it's good. The only thing I don't really like is that we are so far away from everyone. 
Our branch is... Interesting. Haha there was about 30 people at church on Sunday. They say we usually get about 50. And church is in English. There is one spanish convert, who is moving to Florida at the end of the month, and one other lady who is from panama, who prefers English.. Other than that, me and my companion are the only ones who speak spanish. We have translating equipment, the kind we have at home to translate stake conference, and we have to translate sacrament meeting. Since nobody in the congregation needs a headset, elder Encarnacion and I just translated to each other haha it was really funny. We are hoping that soon we can have people in sacrament who will need a headset cuz that would mean we have investigators at church!! 
We live in a decent sized apartment. It's not bad, but I'm used to the one I used to live in. There I had my own bathroom. Here there are four of us to just one. We live with elders Sullivan and Rydalch. Both English. They are crazy! We are always laughing at them.. But they are good guys. Also, Monticello is the coldest part of the mission.. This morning when we left to go to the gym, it was 1 degree outside. It's horrible. We have two sisters who are in our district/ward. We kinda all work together and help with each other's investigators. It's pretty cool. Like if we find a new investigator, we talk about them and then all together decide who the best companionship would be to teach them. Unless they speak spanish, then we automatically get them. Which we will need, because we are opening the spanish area, so when we got here there was no investigators or anything, so we are starting from scratch. But it's going good. Life is good. Sorry if I missed anything. Ask if I didn't cover something!
I live at
661 W. Broadway #7
Monticello, NY 12701

But it's better to send mail to the office. So yeah. Hope you all have a good, warm week. I love you guys!

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