Thursday, July 17, 2014

July 16th, 2014.


First, can I say I don't really wanna talk about family history? I have no experience with that haha  can I just talk about missionary work? That's totally related to vicarious work.. That'll be funny if we bust out the headsets haha are you gonna translate for me? Or one of my friends who learned spanish on their mission?  
It sounds like the dog is enjoying you guys and is also being enjoyed.. I'm so excited to go play with it! 

That's right, I'm doing good! Haha yeah that lady that was talking to you added me on Facebook and has been liking all of my stuff.. Tell her that her son is going to the best mission in the world! 

What's the plan with pelusa? Are we just gonna keep her until she dies or what? I don't care what car comes to pick me up, as long as I get home tu sabe! 
I actually haven't spoken with anyone about going to the wedding. I'm totally down to go to native New Yorker! I talked to Edgar and Rathen on Facebook and already invited them.. So yeah, let's still go (: I don't know if I'm gonna go to the wedding, I don't think I'll end up going.. Also, mom. I've worn out a lot of the clothes I came out with.. Do you care if I throw most of it away? My shirts are super old and my pants have holes in them and all that other good stuff. Is there anything you want me to bring home or are you okay with me just throwin stuff away? Please let me know before next Wednesday! 

This past week has been weird. We moved apartments! The last apartment I lived in was really bad.. Missionaries have lived there for the past 8 years. We finally moved out! The last 4 days we have spent cleaning, packing, moving, and more cleaning.. It's been hectic! The new apartment we live in is really really nice, at least for an apartment in the city. I love it, too bad I only will live there for a week haha 
Today we went through the temple! All of the missionaries that go home with me went today, with our mission president and his wife too! It was awesome! And full. There was 33 of us in there. As I'm writing this I'm sitting in a little diner called big nicks. President is buying us all lunch haha what up! This next week will be weird. I'll be spending a lot of time saying bye to people, and taking pictures.. And trying to figure out what else I need to do before I leave the big city. I'm excited to see all of you! I probably won't write next week, but I would still like for you guys to write at least to let me know of anything I need to plan for.. Or write me on Facebook if there's anything I need to know before I go.. I love you. I'll see you next week! PEACE!

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