Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July 2, 2014

I'm good! Today we are at Yankee stadium for the Yankees game! There's a lot of missionaries here.. I got the package! You don't need to send me another package.. But if you do, there's nothing that I really want/need.. Rucker park is super dope! During most of the year it's just like any other park but for 8 weeks in the summer they have a league there so they lay down a hardwood floor so people can go play and then once or twice a week an NBA player will come and play with the guys that play there, it's super cool! Uhmm I think it would be cool if we could go to native New Yorker when I get back (: but if that will be an issue I'd be okay with just eating something at home, I really don't mind!  And I think if the family went I would be just fine. I know there's gonna be a wedding reception the day I get back so I don't want to take people away from that! Or make people have to choose. Maybe I'll invite a few people but I think for now it would be fine if just family goes. 

Life is pretty good. Just to answer your questions about the tv show thing.. It's for a show called black ink, and it won't air until the fall, so i will be home when it comes out ha I will have to keep an eye out for it. I know it won't be anything close to significant, or if I'll even be in the video clip(s) that they choose, but it was still a cool experience! To be honest I'm not really sure what scene the arch way shows up in I am legend, but I know it's in there. I'll send a picture.  I had my exit interview with my mission president yesterday, he is awesome! He just counseled me in terms of how I should go about looking for a job, and how I should go about looking for my eternal companion. Nothing really too specific, but definitely things I should apply as they come. It was weird though, knowing that was my last interview with him! 
The work here is picking up a little bit, we mostly work with less actives right now. It's been really good. I'm having a lot of fun still, and I'm still working haha don't worry. Last week we did a super cool activity where we shined people's shoes for free and gave them lemonade haha it was dope! It was an awesome way to be able to serve people without them feeling intimidated. I love this mission! 
I love you all, let me know if there's anything I can do for you! Have a good week, love each other (:

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