thank you so much for the emails! my turn to write haha soooooooo 
last wednesday, we went to the temple. it was AWESOME. 
i've been before, but our whole day turned out to be awesome. 
we had to take the train down to the bronx, and right when 
we walked in some lady said "THE LATTER DAY SAINTS!" and she 
called us over and we talked to her and she said she wanted 
a book of mormon and the missionaries to go over to her house. 
so that was awesome. then we went to the temple and i saw 
one of the elders who lived in my last apartment and that made 
me so happy because he is like my best friend out here. 
then our temple session went awesome of course. afterwards 
we went to this place called steak and shake in manhattan.. 
it was DELICIOUS. after that we had to go home, so we rode the 
train back and we saw these mexicans playing music on the 
subway. i recorded them. ThEn we got on the Other train to take 
us back to connecticut and while we were on there 
(to make a long story short) i made friends with the train conducter 
and he let me go into the front of the train and blow the 
horn and talk over the intercom to everyone that was on the train 
haha my companion has it on video, so i'm gonna try to get 
it from him! but it was so cool. it was just an awesome day. other 
than that, nothing else has really happened.. but uh.. let 
me explain the money in my account. Up here, we pick up donated 
coats from burlington coat factory and we take them to a 
hispanic center where they give them to their clients.. it's a service 
we do for them. but anyway, when we arrived at burlington
 coat factory this homeless lady came up to us and begged us to 
buy her some pants and a shirt so she could get out of her old 
wet clothes.. she said she had it all picked out already and that it 
would only be 10 dollars total.. so i felt super bad and i 
agreed.. so she went and got the clothes and met me at the front 
and the clothes she picked ended up being 23 dollars.. and 
i couldn't tell her to take them back if she'll cut it for free.. i know, 
it's not me to do that, but now i have to.uhmm as for 
transfers, i still have no idea whats gonna happen.. i kinda wanna 
stay, i kinda wanna leave.. either way, i'll be happy. and 
either way, i'll still wait to get transferred to buy another suit. 
i just think it'll be easier that way! so don't worry, no rush in 
getting me the how is Sammy doing? tell him i said 
what's good!!! i want to know how he's doing, i wish i was there
 so i could kick it with him haha and show him around..but yeah, 
things are going good i suppose. the work is still super slow 
here, but we still work hard and try to find. hopefully soon we 
can get things picked up. I love you guys so much. i hope 
everything is going well! Tell Karla and Aaron i said hello, and 
that i want to have a nephew when i come home. cool beans? 
haha you are all in my prayers, have a good week :)