can i just say how happy it makes me to get all of your emails every week? i love you guys 
so much!
I'll be sure to cover up! it's been in the 10's lately.. not my favorite type of weather haha i'm a fair-weather-fellow! 
and this weather ain't fair! i'm sad to say i don't have the book "a marvelous work and a wonder" ..... i need to 
get it! that would be great to have.. and what are the scriptures that talk about Jesus/Jehovah being seperate 
from God? those would be helpful too. don't worry about not writing a long letter! your first responsibility is 
your wife.. who is my mom.. who is very important haha so thanks for helping her. Just seeing that you wrote 
me is enough :)
I'm glad it's warm over there, i know you don't like the cold! especially when you have to work outside.. good 
thing you're not where i am haha it's freezing! yesterday the low was like 7 degrees and we were outside for 
like half an hour and i forgot my beanie so my ears were freeeeeeezzzzinnnnggg! seriously haha i'll never 
make that mistake again. so yeah. safe to say i don't like the cold. i'm glad you guys liked the pictures and 
videos :) not a whole lot happens out here, so i have to try really hard to find things worth taking pictures of.. 
kinda wack! but we have fun with it haha beto sent me the video of the backflips.. that's so cool! he's like me 
now haha and if alexia does cheerleading she'll have to learn how to do that too! I'm glad to hear that karla 
and aaron are doing good! i hope the headaches aren't serious either.. maybe she's pregnant haha okay 
maybe not. but what do i know... i'm also glad to hear sammy is doing good! do him and beto hang out a lot? 
and okay i will not buy another watch! but tell tio chico thank you in advance for me okay? i'll be waiting for 
the packages! you guys are the best :)
other happenings.
nothing. other than that it's supppperrrrr cold! not my favorite thing in the world. this past week has been 
kinda boring- nothing has happened! except for that a small plane crashed into some trees in the little town
 that i live in.. crazy right? other than that, things are boring... the work is still slow, we still have trouble f
inding anyone who speaks portuguese... so things are just blahh right now.. but we will not give up.
well you know me, i love basketball.. so the other day we drove past this building that is on campus at 
western connecticut state university.. and as we drove by i looked through the window and saw people
 playing basketball.. so yesterday i talked my companion into coming with me into the building to see 
what's up, and i asked around and figured out that we're allowed to play there! in a nice gym, for free. 
so yeah. that's the best news i received all week haha transfers are next wednesday. i have no idea 
what's gonna happen, but i'll be sure to let you guys know whatever happens as soon as i can! i kinda 
wanna leave, i kinda wanna stay... every area has it's ups and downs, so it's whatever! we'll just have 
to wait and see. I love you guys, let me know if there's anything you want me to do for you! Se Cuida viu!!!!
The Juan and only, elder Zazueta