Saturday, June 1, 2013


this past week has been really boring kinda. not a whole lot has happened and things are actually kinda frustrating. patricio and teresa.. blah. they didn't come to church this sunday. and last time we had an appointment with them i was on a split so i didn't get to see them .. and we won't see them until tomorrow. so it's gonna be like 2 weeks since the last time i saw them! ridiculous right? they are really struggling. patricio is struggling with his faith and his commitment to getting married and baptized, and teresa is struggling with keeping patricio in check. she is SO ready and he is just holding her back.. and we don't know how to point that out without being mean. we might even talk to her by herself and see how she feels about it, and maybe they really will have to get separated.. who knows. we'll see tomorrow. everything else is going good tho! nothing new really. marisol and octavio still wanna get married and octavio still wants to get baptized, but we can't give him a baptismal date until they have a marriage date. and so we're kinda just waiting on them. Transfers are next week! i have no idea what's gonna happen. i could easily stay, and i could easily go. so i have no idea. next wednesday you guys will know! i really wanna stay tho, i don't feel like my work here in this area is done. but what do i know, i just do what i'm told haha today we are gonna go down to china town to eat lunch and then we are gonna go to times square and hang out, and then we're gonna end the day at central park, so it looks like we had a good day ahead of us. except it's really foggy, but it's not raining, and i can literally feel myself walking into little drops of water. super weird. it's really humid out here.  but they said it will be sunny at some point today. hopefully by the time we get to park! well. gotta go, love you guys! hope you all have a good week. adios!!

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