Saturday, June 1, 2013

Guess who's a Zone Leader!!???

ut this past week has been crazy! last  thursday, elder critchfield got a call from the mission president and he was informed that he was going to be training a semi-new missionary. but he didn't know if he was going to be staying in the area or if he was gonna get transferred.. so he went to a meeting the next day and found out he was staying!! soooooo yeah. the next two days were kinda long because i knew i was getting transferred i just didn't know where.. so then saturday night i get a call from president and told me that i was gonna be getting transferred. to where? Olmstead. do you recognize that? ha i'm back to where i started my mission !!! crazy right? except after he told me that, he told me that i was going to be called as a zone leader.. so now i am a Zone leader in the Olmstead zone, where i started my mission meaning i'm still in the bronx.. anddd the zone leader area here is english. so now i get to preach the gospel in english . 3rd language... haha i don't know why but it really just makes me laugh. My companion's name is elder Portillo! he's from nevada, but his family is from el salvador, so the both of us speak spanish and are currently serving in english. but i'm super excited for this next transfer! everyone who i talked to before i got transferred told me he was super legit and for the little while that i've been with him i think it has already been confirmed. he's been a member for 2 years, and one of those years he has spent on the mission. pretty impressive is what i'm thinking! but yeah, i'm already here, and it's super weird walking through a place i've already seen and been in, except i'm just going to be talking to different people.. so yeah. i'm a little nervous to be a zone leader, but i'm grateful for this new calling and i know that this experience will help me grow that much more while i'm out here.. it was pretty hard saying bye to everyone in my last area, its the first time i've actually been sad to leave the people i was working with because i'd been there for a little bit longer than my last two areas.. and who knows how long i'll be in this area because i'm called as a spanish elder and now i'm speaking english! everything is kinda up in the air. and sorry i'm not uploading pictures, the cable is packed in my bags somewhere and i didn't have time to get it out. we're gonna try to email again later today after we go shopping for food and if i get the chance to i'll try to send you guys some pictures okay? here is my new address!

1435 Doris St. #1R
Bronx, NY 10462

I love you guys so much and hope everything is going well . take care and be wise! church is true!

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