Saturday, June 1, 2013

Mother's day is coming soon!

it's mothers day this sunday! wooooh!!! so yeah. we get to skype. we are going to the senior couple's house in our district and they are letting us skype over there... so nice of them! but there are gonna four of us there, and only one computer.. so maybe i'll have them text you when we get the times figured out? because they can do that. just know that i can skype :) i'm excited!
uhh patricio and teresa.. struggling. we're gonna go see them tonight for a little bit to help them translate something into spanish.. their fridge is broken haha so we have to help them call the service people.. but they were at church on sunday, we just don't really know how much time patricio "needs" ... hopefully not too long. we want to help him, but we cant force anything on him. agency is dumb sometimes haha but we DO have some good news... one of the less actives we've been working with has been living with her "pareja" for like 15 years.. but they're not married. the woman is the member, the man is catholic.. and he's been visited by missionaries for a lonnnnnnng time and has never had any interest. but last wednesday we went over there and he told us that he wants to get married.... and baptized!!!!! what the heck! haha soooo awesome! me and critchfield are so happy. we didn't really know how to react at first, but now we're just gonna help him with the missionary discussions and help them set a date for a marriage and a baptism.. isn't that awesome!? another cool thing.. remember Marta? the lady we baptized in my first area? well she showed up to our ward on sunday ! and it turns out she has lived in Concourse ward boundaries this whole time!! it was super cool seeing her and i think we're gonna visit her soon.. turns out she probly lives in the area i work in now.. i was so happy to see her haha it was awesome. but yeah. that's pretty much all the news.. my companion hasn't been feeling well the last few days so things have been a little slow cuz we wanna make sure he gets his health right, but he's doing better so things should pick back up soon! but yeah.. i'll see if i can get the Mcnairy's to let you know the times that we'll be skyping okay? love you guys!!! see you guys soon :)))

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