Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dec 4th, 2013.

I'm glad you guys got the pictures! I haven't been able to buy the coat or bag yet, but it's in the plans. Our schedule hasn't really given us sufficient time to be able to go and buy the stuff.yeah, the presentation was awesome, thanks again! Your area sounds a lot like ours.. We drive 20 to 25 minutes every day to get into our area, but driving back home it's only like ten.. The reason is because there's a toll booth on the way there, so we take a different way to avoid paying every time. I'm excited to see the videos! It's probably most convenient if you just post them on your wall instead of mine. Just saying! The video of me singing with the two other missionaries is actually just something we prepared for sacrament meeting one day. It was fun!
Tell your parents I said I love them! You know, it's not terribly cold right now. The weather has been pretty good to us this week. We're in the 40's right now and for the rest of the week I think. So we're good! I actually don't have the gloves you sent me last year.. I have no idea where they are... 

I'm good! How are you ?? I AM. Having a good time :) things are going pretty well.. Haha luckily I haven't had anyone stab me in the hand with a screwdriver lately.. Mom. Elder Picoli does not look like me.... Hahn I remember the concerts at the temple. I wish I could go. Tell alexia and Beto I said good luck at their recital/concert! 
What exactly do they do during your evaluation? What could happen after? I'm sure everything will be fine :) please please send me a Christmas card too, I wanna see it! My mission president would love one too I'm sure.. Don't worry, I know Alexia's birthday is this month! I'm on it!

Other things.
So, a little bit of news. We just got word this week that we're not supposed to have any mail or packages sent to our apartments and that instead they need to be sent to the mission office.. I'm not sure why, but that's what's been asked of us so that's what you guys will need to do! The address to the mission office is
700 white plains rd Ste. 315
Scarsdale, NY 10583

This past week has been so busy! We have been having choir practices which are wayyy out of the way so they've been taking a lot of time out of our days.. We actually have a practice today.. On p day. It's twisted haha so that's what I'm doing today. Our Christmas devotional is this Friday so they wanna make sure everyone is ready and stuff.. 
So yeah because of these practices the work has kinda been affected in our area.. We weren't able to meet with Kevin last week at all, not because of the practices but because his boss isn't very considerate and is making him work like crazy.. The month of December isn't looking too bright for him. We Have been working with a slightly less active family lately. The aguilars . We loooovveee them they are so awesome and they have come a long way since we've been working with them. Time is flying by. We don't have a slow day. It's crazy to think that after the 18th I'll only have 5 cycles left. Can you all believe that? Crazyyy! Well, that's it from me, I hope you all have a great week! I love you. Laterrrrsss!

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