Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Nov. 27th, 2013.

I'm doing good! Haha I'm not worried about the phone, but I wouldn't mind having one when I get home! I found out that I can get a good coat around here for like 50 or 60 dollars! Did you guys already buy the bag, or are you going to? Okay, I will go looking  for a coat, don't worry! The one that Tia mily sent me is good, I wore it yesterday haha it's hardcore Boy Scout status! Yeah, I'm not too worried about the contact situation I know we'll get that all figured out when the time comes! We are doing better at balancing our time. Me and my companion had a good talk this past week about what we can do to improve our area and the way that we lead. We figured out some things and hopefully we can keep progressing! How long was the drive into each of those cities that you were serving in?? Yes, feel free to send me those videos I would love to watch them! I'm sure they sound amazing.. And speaking of thanksgiving, thank you so much for sending me the presentation, we used all of it haha since we didn't have a projector I forwarded the PowerPoint to all the missionaries in our ward and they each sat at a table and showed the slideshow on their iPads as I read the narration you wrote haha it was cool. So yeah, thanks!
Hey! I'm doing great! I got your packages and the letter you guys sent me... I wasn't expecting that at all! But thank you so much :) I love you guys all for all that you do.  Man I wish I could be there to see the talent show haha I bet it's gonna be awesome!  You need to do something! For real, you are cheating the world of a performance mom.. Yeah, weather is not so great haha I wish we had Arizona weather here... It's getting pretty cold. The worst thing about the weather here is the wind. It destroys you haha I don't like it. I'm jealous that you get to work in the primary! And of course you love it, you love kids!! That doesn't surprise me at all. Sounds like they all love you too :) who is in your class? The donuts! We ate those on Halloween. Our mission president invited our zone over for some donuts haha his wife made them. She's great! 
Brisa hasn't written me back yet. But I hope she's doing better. She left home in February right?? Annddd the packages you send are perfect, I really don't care what's in them, it's nice to have a surprise. The honey mustard Pringles for sure can stay, but as for the rest I don't really care what comes. Thanks again!

This week has flownnnnn by. I can't believe how fast time is passing. I hit 16 months the other day. I'm so old! We've been busy with random stuff. We had a practice last Friday for the mission choir.. It was awesome. It's been so long since I've sung in a choir! We had another small practice yesterday, and we are having another practice on Saturday all together again. We will be singing in the mission Christmas devotional next week so they want us to be sounding good haha it's been a really cool experience so far.. 
Everyone here keeps asking me if I'm losing weight. Which is the opposite of what I wanna do haha and I haven't lost any, but I guess I look like I have? I don't know. Waccckkk. I, doing really well though. I love my companion, I love all of the missionaries that I'm serving with, they really are some of the best friends I've ever had. 
Thank you so much for all that you guys do for me, I am truly grateful to be a part of this family.. I've learned so much from you and wish I would have changed sooner. But thank you for all of the support and all of the love. It really helps keep me going :) happy thanksgiving :) 
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