Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Nov. 20th, 2013

Buenos Dias!

Dad.yeah,, sorry, we had a bunch of trainings! and no we don't have iphones..i don't think i will get one one my mission, they are still in the piloting stage! uhhh my coat. i don't know. i haven't bought one yet. is it cool if i use some of the money in the account to buy it? 
sleepy hollow was sick! it is the weirdest place for a cemetary.. that place is a maze haha but it's super cool. we didn't see anything creepy, but i think if we were to go after dark it would be for sure! i really really wanna see the saratov approach, i've heard from a lot of people that its really good, so it's definitely on the list for when i come home. as for our hands haha i don't know really.. i just started doing that when i got to this area, and the zone has kind of adopted it as our symbol for our zone. we go hard! haha and for the facebook usage.. its just our mission presidents have different views on what we should or shouldn't be doing. so they have a little bit more liberty, but really it's not a big deal. i'm not complaining! 
and as for my contacts.. i'm still pretty good on them, they should last me a while! butt.. i'm pretty positive all of those locations for america's best are out of our mission boundaries, so i couldn't go and get tested even if i wanted to . there's none that are closer??

i'm sorry you don't like the new yahoo haha but i got your email this week :) uhh yeah the technology. its actually not my favorite. we are busy right now because we are still trying to figure everything out! the beginning stages of things. a little difficult. yeahh Sister Gonzalez! i've only met her twice, but she is SO GREAT. super nice, and she cooks really good too haha that would be awesome for you to send her a card. i'm sure she would love it! yesss i wrote brisa, but i don't know if she got it cuz she hasn't written me back or anything.. i really hope she is doing better! i'll be on the lookout for the jacket! and no, we haven't finished the candy. i've actually given a lot of it away. i've met a few missionaries out here who also love the mexican candy so if i know i'm going to see one of them i take some candy to give them.. we still have a lot left. its awesome and terrible at the same time cuz we don't have food, only candy haha soooo healthy. i don't think i need anything. i'm happy :) i will be sure to let you know tho, but for now i'm pretty sure i have everything i need! i'm so glad you liked your primary class! we had the primary program here last sunday and it was.. interesting. haha 4 of the missionaries had to sit up there and sing with the kids cuz they needed help.. i haven't bought a bag yet.. i need a bag, and i need a jacket, but i don't know which one to buy.. if the one tia sends me works, i will buy a bag, if not i'll buy a jacket i think.. so yeah, i'm gonna put that off for a little bit longer.

other things. 
everything is going good. we have a small teaching pool. really small. but its fine. Kevin is still doing awesome, he came to church last sunday, we were pumped! his boss still doesn't want to give him sundays off.. but he is so ready! we've taught him almost everything and he willingly accepts and applies everything we talk about. its awesome! once he can get sundays off he will be 100 percent ready to go. he really wants to be baptized, he talks about it every time we go over. but his work schedule might not change until the new year.. but we're praying for him, we'll just have to see what happens. 
all of our missionaries have ipads now. it's pretty weird haha it's cool, but its still not really my favorite. i think it's more of a distraction for most people right now. we look around and somewhere you'll see a mission, face glued to the screen haha but hopefully that will change once the novelty wears offs. this weekend we had stake conference. it was awesome! every area i've served in so far except for danbury has been in the same stake, so i got to see a lot of the members from my past wards. it was doooppeee :) also, Elder Gifford Nielsen of the 70 came here to New Roc on sunday night for a fireside. he was the guy who gave the talk about "exclamation points" in general conference. he's tall haha but it was pretty cool. so yeah we've been busy. and we will remain busy for the next while. our mission is having a christmas devotional on the 6th of december which is basically a musical fireside for our mission. and i got chosen to sing in the choir, and we are be going to be having a few rehearsals from now until then, so we will be traveling in and out of our area to go to those practices..
we really feel so busy.. and i feel like we do a lot here in this area, but the things that we do aren't always in our area. we are really busy with other missionaries in the zone and so many things come up that we have to take care of.. some days fly by because we have so much stuff to do, and then we come home and review our day and we feel like we haven't done anything at all because we barely spent time in our area. its weird. i'm having fun, we're just trying to figure out how to balance everything a little bit better. 
today we're just chillin.. email, get some groceries, and i think we're just gonna go play some volleyball or basketball over in scarsdale with some other missionaries. it should be fun! i hope everything is going well for you guys, i miss you a lot! do good things. be good examples. love you alllllll! me voy :)

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