Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dec. 11th, 2013.

That's a nice Uke.. Haha I want one. We've actually seen quite a bit of accidents. The weather hasn't been terrible, but it's been cold. We had our first official snowfall on Monday/Tuesday! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ha the ukulele I'm playing in the pictures isn't mine... I wish it was ! Transfers are actually a week from today. I honestly have no idea what's gonna happen. There's so many variables that I honestly can't guess what will happen. I bought a coat! And a bag, I love them both haha I bought them last night. Pretty fresh, so don't worry I'm not freezing.

Haha you are cold? When you come to New York it can't be in the winter cuz you will freeze. I'm glad you guys liked the video, I had no idea what I wanted to do.. So I just did a bunch of things. That song I sang is by john Mayer, not a hymn ha but it would be cool! In my apartment it's just me and my companion , we don't share with any other missionaries! There are some elders that live in the same building as us but in a different apartment.. Elders Johnson, Larkin, Garcia, and Henriques. My companions from the beginning including the MTC are Ochoa, Fairbourn, Potter, Vasquez, Critchfield, Portillo, Poulsen, Mceachern. And that's where I'm at! Mom I don't want anything for Christmas! Maybe some snacks, and maybe money for some hats, but there's really nothing I need. I think they are going to let us use our iPads to skype.. I don't see why they wouldn't ? 

This past week we had the Christmas devotional. It was pretty awesome. The entire mission was together so I got to see a lot of my friends. We sang, it went really great! We sounded pretty good haha I can't lie. It was a really good experience and everyone said they loved it. So I'm assuming it went well. We haven't really had too much time to work in our area. The work is pretty slow because all of the things we've had to do around the zone.. We haven't been able to see Kevin in like three weeks, his boss is really not helping the situation out at all, it's a little sad..
On the bright side, we went and saw the tree at Rockefeller center today, it was super cool! Phi just want to be able to say that I've been there and seen it ha now we're supposed to have an activity with our zone, so we are just waiting at our church for people to show up. And that's basically the update. Transfers are next week! I'll be sure to update you guys on what happens as soon as I can! Have a good week :)
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