Sunday, April 27, 2014

Feb. 19 2014

things are going good. The weather here is the worst! We were snowed in three days last week. The roads have all been plowed so the sidewalks are all covered in snow. About four feet of it. So people just walk in the street because literally all the sidewalks are covered. And just a fun fact haha I haven't seen the pavement/asphalt of the church parking lot yet.. It's been covered in snow since I've been here. Isn't that messed up? Haha we were checking the weather from around the United States the other day, and Monticello was the coldest place we could find.. And Mesa was the hottest we found. So we are living in opposite weather. I hope you are all enjoying it! The ward is really warming up to us. Everyone is nice. The sad thing is still, we don't have any spanish members. But we have high hopes. We've been able to find quite a few people who speak spanish and who are willing to have us come back over, but the problem is that almost nobody out here has a car. At least out of the people that we have found.. So they have no way to get to church. A little discouraging, but we know if they want to come, they'll find a way. I'm glad you guys liked my Facebook post.. Being here I've really had some time to reflect and think about a lot of things. I'm still learning a lot of things.. I know I always will be. But we are trying really hard to maintain a positive attitude, and so far we are doing a pretty good job. It's definitely a hard place to be with our situation, but we are making the most out of it. Life is good. I love you all. We will be playing some basketball today, if you were wondering 🏀❤️🏀❤️🏀❤️🏀❤️🏀
Have a good week!
We gave our car a snowhawk

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