Friday, June 27, 2014

June 25th, 2014.


I know.. It's crazy! I am definitely trying to do things in such a way that I won't regret too much once I go home.. I know that regardless of what I do, there will probably always be something that I feel like I could've done better, but don't worry. We are working hard! I got the pictures of the dog! I'm so excited! at first when you told me we were getting a German shepherd I was pretty indifferent.. But now that I see the pictures and know that it's ours I'm pretty excited to have it! 
I've actually seen those dogs you are talking about. They are massive! Hopefully we can have better control of this dog than we did with Kiara.. She was crazy! Haha so you finish summer school tomorrow? Or you already finished last Thursday? Either way, that's exciting, I'm sure you're happy you get to relax! Como te va en el trabajo de AT&T? 


I'm doing good! How are you ? Statue of Liberty was awesome haha it was a good opportunity! I haven't gone to wicked yet! I go to the broadway play on July 9th.. So it's in two weeks! Next week we are going to the Yankee game! That's cool that Joey brought me up in his talk! I love that kid. The jump drive you sent me is perfect, it's definitely useful! Thank you (: that's a good idea tho, it'd be good to have actually photos to put into an album as well as digital copies! Yeah, I'm not too worried about getting a baptism. We are definitely working for it, but if it doesn't happen then I won't be too disappointed. I know our efforts will be worth it in the long run! Aww man haha I'm so excited for a new bed! I'm gonna be sleeping a lot more than I had originally planned haha

Yeah I think I'll still be down when I get home! I figure it won't be too hard to make time to walk the dog. It'll be enjoyable! YESSS I'm always down for some Mexican candy! I don't need anything else.. Don't worry about sending me things, I'm covered pretty good (: 

Today we've been at Rucker park all day. I've been here since ten in the morning and right now it's 1:30.. I'm writing this email on the train headed downtown.. I think we're gonna go check out a spot that was in the movie I am legend! If we can find it.. 
The work has been pretty good. We aren't having too much luck with finding new investigators, but we are having more success finding less active members and getting io their homes. Things are still a little slow since both elder Durham and I are still trying to get to know all of the members.. But it's good. We are confident the area will be ready for some harvesting once I go home! I've been having a lot of fun. I don't feel like I'm that close to going home, nothing has really changed . Idk if that makes sense? Anyway, just know that I'm doing good, and we are working hard. I hope you all have the best week (: 

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