Monday, June 9, 2014

June 4th, 2014

Hey guys!

Being Zone is Leader is Good. Not too much has changed. Our zone is tiny tho. We have a total of 14 missionaries, including the AP's- they're not around very much so we basically have 12 missionaries in the zone. It's kinda weird Haha but it's good. We don't drive tho! All city missionaries just ride the trains and buses, zone leader or not! I am planning on sending a bunch of stuff home pretty soon! Our apartment is small and I have nowhere to put my stuff.. 

I'm doing good, as usual!  I got the package yesterday! Thank you so much (: it came at a good time..  
When are you going in for the X ray for your knee? If it's the same thing as before, shouldn't they be doing an MRI instead ? That's a bummer that dad couldn't get contacts.. Has he considered laser...? 
Did you get Kevin's face in the cake ? 
Karla is going to chile!!! What!! That's crazy.. I assume they're going to visit Aaron's mission? That's so cool. When are they going? I hope to be able to come back to my mission soon.. And frequently. New York is amazing. 

Life is good. This week was actually a little bit stressful for me trying to adjust to everything. I'm trying to learn everything about the area as fast as I can because there's a chance elder Cruz could leave even though I'll only be here for two weeks! Transfers are next week.. My next email could be from somewhere else haha my first Sunday here was good. Lots and lots of Dominicans in the ward. I love it! I hope to be talking like them by the time I go home so I can give my homecoming talk in Dominican. This past Thursday we had a mission conference with Elder Snow from the first quorum of the 70. 
The apartment I live in here is really small. And really old, and missionaries haven't been very nice to it in the past. So it's in bad shape. We have a few cockroaches here and there and my roommates say every once in a while we have a mouse that runs from one side of our tiny kitchen to the other.  I live with elder Hurst and Elder Hofheins. I already know both of them because I was their zone leader back when I was in New Rochelle. They're good guys! Our apartment is really small though. The smallest one I've lived in so far.. I think our address is 
599 w 176th st
New York, NY.. I don't know the zip code haha 
Just in case you guys wanna look it up. It's right on the corner of 176 and St. Nicholas
Random but that's cool that you guys bought a car! So mom and dad just drive the van or what? What year is the car we just got? And color? I hope you guys don't judge the way I drive when I get home.. I drive like a New Yorker. 

Today a lot of my friends in the mission are going through the temple for the last time because they will be going home next week.. Crazy! I got my travel plans yesterday in the mail telling me about my flight and all that. It's super weird that I have a lay over in salt lake. Do you remember elder Berryman? The elder that we saw in the airport the day I left that also came to New York? Well he goes home the same day as me, but his flight goes straight from NY to AZ and he gets there a little bit before 1 pm.. And I have to fly on two different planes and won't get back to AZ until a little before 4.. I called the mission office and they said there's no way to change it. It's just a little weird. But whatever haha as long as I get there, right? Today we are gonna just hang out at the chapel and hang out with the zone.  It should be good (: thanks for the emails this week! And the package. I love you guys, have a good week!!

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