Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Having some fun with the NCAA

Hi guys how's it going ? Dad, don't worry about not writing a long email! as long as i know your safe and doing good that's good enough for me. but i'll just be writing this whole email together. sooo first i'll talk about the game. it was SICK. we went down to madison square garden. the first game was Cincinatti vs Providence. it was pretty cool! but we were seated WAAYYY up at the top.. so at half time a few of us walked down to the bottom level and found an entrance where there wasn't any guards.. so we snuck in and found a row that fit all of us! so for the second half of the game we were actually pretty close to the floor! the 2nd game was Syracuse vs Seton Hall.. syracuse is a big basketball school so it started to get pretty packed and all of the people around us who had snuck down all got kicked out of their seats and so we thought that we were gonna get kicked out too, but we decided to stay there until someone kicked us out. and we got super lucky haha nobody came any said anything! so for the whole second game we had seats on the bottom level, it was dope!!!! and i bought a hat. i had to do it. SYRACUSE! haha so yeah. the games were awesome, thank you for giving me the money to go :) uhmm not a whole lot else happened this week. the weather has been stupid. we got a few inches of snow the other day. i don't like it down here in the city . but it's all melted by now! my companion has been feeling better. we ran on monday morning, but then monday night was when it snowed so we couldn't run on tuesday morning because there was snow everywhere. and this morning we didn't run because i don't even know why! lazies. don't judge! i am getting fat haha i need to be able to play ball every day. i've really been thinking about whether or not i wanna play basketball when i get back.. don't know. but i wanna play more basketball, once a week aint enough! 
so for the update on our investigators.. we got some bad news. we went back to teach patricio and teresa on monday and they told us their final decision.. they decided to get seperated! and teresa said she doesn't want to continue the lessons for now.. patricio said that he's still gonna take the lessons and that we'll talk at church on sunday.. he doesn't know where he's gonna live.. so there's a chance he could move out of our area.. so that means we could have just lost both of our investigators :/ it was rough.. it really honestly hurt! kinda ruined the whole day.. but whatever. we still pray for them and we hope that whatever happens they'll be able to progress.. so yeah. right now we don't really know what's going on, but we are pressing forward! so yeah.don't worry, i'm treating elder critchfield very nicely! we get along better than any of my other companions because we work more as a team than i have with other companions.. so we're good! i actually haven't done anything about the card yet. i'm probly gonna go today or tomorrow to get this card situation figured out. tell beto i'm sorry i didn't send him something earlier, i actually sent him a card today so it should get there soon! and i sent one to the house for karla.. i lost her address so i had to send it to your house.. so they should get there the same day! as for other things.. nothing has really happened haha life is good though, we are super happy even though we've been having this struggle with our main investigators. 
i've been reading this book called the continous atonement.. it's really good, i suggest you guys look into it!! cuz i want it haha I love you guys so much, i cant wait to talk to you guys in like a month and a half! i hope everything is going well, be safe! los quiero mucho! 
-Elder Zazueta

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