Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Yobanna's baptism!

sooo this one i'm gonna write it all together since everyone had the same questions haha 
but first things first.. i don't know if you guys already got me something for my birthday.. but 
last night i figured out what i wanted, i just don't know if it'll be possible for you guys.. soooo 
as you guys know, the NCAA men's basketball season is soon going to be in the playoff 
tournament.. and part of the tournament is here in new york. last night the assistant to the 
president texted me and told me that we have permission to go.. it will be on the 13th of march.
we will get to watch 2 games, which he said it'll be 60 dollars or more... and i really really 
wanna go. soooo that's what i'm asking for! si no se puede, pues no se puede.. but if you 
guys can give me any part of the money i would love it! so yeahh.. that's it about my birthday 
present. if there's nothing that can be done, don't worry about it!
also, no. my companion doesn't play basketball.. at all haha he's not really an athlete.. 
but he's willing to play, and when he does it's hilarious. so we have a good time. also, 
we didn't end up getting the gym membership because Vazquez didn't want to.. i couldn't force 
him. so i didn't do exercise for a while... but then i made him start running with me.. and then 
we find out that there is a track right across the street from yankee stadium! soo for the past 
week we've been waking up at 6, we run to the track ( which takes like 3 minutes) and then 
we do exercise there. it's so nice to have a track that close! so even though i won't really be 
lifting weights, i'll at least be running and keeping off TOO much fat. so yeah. but yeah, my 
companion is fine now.. he's not sick! speaking of companions, i know next week is my 
birthday, but next week is also transfers, so i don't know how long i will have to email. and 
also, yesterday we had surprise interviews with president.. and in mine he told me i am for 
sure training!! i'm gonna be a dad!! haha meaning i'm a trainer. therefore, he will be my son. 
so yeah, as of next wednesday i'll be training a new missionary.. i'm super excited! but a little 
nervous.. but more excited than nervous. as you can imagine. i just hope he likes basketball haha. 
the weather right now isn't my favorite.. it's raining. and it's super windy. sooo the wind moves
 the rain and all the water on the roads so you can see the wind coming at you . kinda cool. but 
kinda sucks. i can't even use an umbrella because the wind will break it, no joke! i'm jealous of 
that 70 degree weather.. thats not fair! i can't wait until it warms up so that we won't have to wear 
our suits everyday. also, don't worry about my back!! it definitely feels a lot better! it started hurting 
after we played basketball like 2 weeks ago.. but now that we've been running i stretch before and 
after and sometimes before i go to bed, and that has really helped a lot. so it hasn't bothered me at
 all for the past few days! oh, and i'll be sure to be on the look out for those packages! and speaking
 of mail.. can you have karla or beto ask haley if she's gotten my letters? because i've been dropping 
mail off into a drop box by our house, i just don't know if they actually get sent out.. and if she did get
 it, there's no rush to write back, i just want to make sure it actually all sent ! 

things have been a little crazy! 
as you can see by the pictures, yobanna DID get baptized!! her mom let her thank goodness. it was 
actually super cool. her mom told us she wasn't going because of work.. and then we went to pick 
yobanna up and she told us we should've done it a different day.. and then she let us go, but she 
looked pretty mad. about 10 minutes later she calls us and tells us she's coming and to give her 
the address to the church. so we delay the baptism about an hour waiting for yobanna's mom to 
get there and she didn't show up.. and we had people waiting so my companion made us start
 the service. we sang, prayed, and heard the talks. and right when it was time to go over to the 
font, her mom showed up.. so i baptized her and her mom got to see. and then she left for work. 
but it made us so happy! and then afterwards yobanna asked us if she could share her testimony 
which is super rare because she gets embarrassed to even say it in front of us.. but she just went 
up there and told us she was grateful for what we have done for her and that she loves the church 
and that she wants to stay forever. it was really short but super awesome! so then come sunday 
she was supposed to get confirmed.. and guess what, she didn't show up -__-    nonsense! so we
 were super frustrated.. after church she called us and told us she was super sorry and that she had 
fallen asleep.. and then she told us that she still went to church and went to the other spanish ward 
so that she could take the sacrament. and that made us sooo happy because even though she slept
 in, she showed us that she truly knows the importance of her baptism . it was awesome!!
now for patricio and teresa.. we had a lesson with them last night. it didn't go exactly how we expected.. 
they always ask awesome questions so they started asking away like usual and then it was our turn.. 
and we asked what they thought about marriage and stuff.. and they told us that they decided they 
were gonna seperate.. what the heck! we didn't really know how to react at first, but when they told 
us that, i thanked them because they really showed us that they are serious about keeping the 
commandments and that they are willing to seperate to be able to progress in the gospel.. so we t
alked about it a little bit more and then we decided it would be best for them to meet with the bishop 
before they made any major decisions.. and they agreed. so hopefully this saturday they will meet 
with him and they can get everything figured out! we are praying for them.. we love them . 
haha other than that i don't really have any news.. it was vazquez's birthday on monday so we 
partied a little bit, and ate wayyyy too much haha but that was that. i gotta go cuz i'm running out 
of time and i'm in the library.. so it's time to wrap this up! i love you guys so much, and i just wanna 
let you know i'm doing super good! hopefully things keep going up :) i miss you all, please take care!!

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