thank you. my birthday has been really good :) no me cantaron las 
mananitas.. pero ahorita les explico como celebramos mi cumpleanos.. 
i'm so excited to go to that game! so yes, i just got my new companion 
earlier today. his name is elder Critchfield, he's from utah (of course)  
he plays soccer, and he likes to play basketball too. we already played 
today for like 3 hours haha legit.  and yes, i'm staying in the same area! 
i'll have to talk to hi about the gym membership tho.. we'll see what 
happens! and yes, the basketball games are at madison square garden- 
I'M SO EXCITED!!!!! that's awesome that Elder Rasband went and 
spoke to you guys! he actually came to the mission like 4 or 5 months 
before i got here.. not fair! it really is crazy how the church is 
progressing.. we received 40 new missionaries today. thats the record 
for missionaries arriving in a single transfer in the north eastern united 
state.. per transfer we usually get anywhere from 12 to 18.. and this time 
we got 40 . insane. that would be awesome if you could send me the 
paper and the book! i would really appreciate that! i'm not sure i 
understood the job offer that isagenix gave you.. what's a gerente? 
sorry, my spanish is slackin!

thank you too :) i guess i gotta thank you and dad for creating me. 
and you for birthing me haha without that i'd have no birthdays to 
honor. so many packages.. so much candy,, haha i'm gonna get fat. 
you can send me tata's watch if you want. tio chico sent me a watch, 
a hat, some cards from him and tia maye, a shirt.. and some mexican 
candy.. legit! as for the game, no, it's not just me and my companion. 
there are quite a few of us going.. it's gonna be so legit! that's next week :) 
cant wait! i pass by yankee stadium all the time! i haven't been in, but 
i'm almost positive i'll be in the area when season starts so i'll be able 
to go to a couple games soon ! that's gonna be awesome too! i'm on 
foot thank goodness. and the weather is actually getting a lot nicer! 
either that or i'm just getting used to the cold. either way i'm happy 
haha as for haley's letters, i finally got them like 3 days ago.. the post 
office is not being nice. but i got their package too! so yeah. no worries, 
the mail is just slow. i'm so excited for Brisa! i wonder where she's 
gonna go! that's crazy.. and i'm excited for you guys to have spring break.. 
i wish i had one ..

okay so sorry this email is super short. people keep calling me and i 
have to answer and it's taking time away from my email. but i'll type 
as fast as i can. 
things are super awesome right now. Yobanna got confirmed on sunday. 
one of our less actives is excited about going to church and her mom isn't 
a member, so this is a sign of good things to come.. patricio and teresa 
just met with the bishop last sunday and they're trying to figure out their 
situation. we're going to their house on friday and i'm hoping they'll tell 
us they want to get married.. that would be the best thing to ever happen.. 
hope for the best! sooo last night we stayed up late because we had to 
move a bunch of stuff around since two of the people in our apartment 
were moving out. at midnight i opened haley and karlas package and it 
had some cool stuff in it. so we threw a party at like 2 in the morning 
with just 3 of us. it was fun. haha i'm super excited to have this new 
missionary with me. he has an awesome attitude and from the sounds 
of it his spanish is already pretty decent! so things are going good! i'm 
sorry this is the worst email ever. but i have to go. i love you guys so 
much and i miss you and i wish i could spend this day with you. i want 
you to all know i'm so grateful for all the things you do for me. i really 
don't deserve it. please be safe and love each other haha it is the greatest 
law! one love :) talk to you next week :)