Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My new companion

okay, so i'm gonna type as fast as I can today! i'm not sure how much time I have. everything has been so good this past week! my new companions name is elder Critchfield! he's awesome! he's from murray Utah. he played soccer but he loves sports. we played a lot of basketball last Wednesday. good sign of things to come haha uhm he is such a hard worker. he just does what I say without question and when I ask him for input he isn't afraid to suggest things which is really good because we really get to working as a team, and I couldn't really do that with my last companion.. so we are working hard. I've been so tired tho! I don't know why, but this past week I've felt more tired and it's been harder for me to get out of bed than it has been in the past. the only struggle elder critchfield has is that he doesn't speak a lot of Spanish. they cut the time for missionaries in the mtc, so he only got 6 weeks in there as opposed to the usual 9.. but it's fine, he's super confident and that's gonna help him a lot! we've been teaching a lot of lessons, and I kinda feel pressured because since he doesn't speak Spanish, I basically have to teach everything.. unless we practice what he's gonna say before hand. but he's learning fast. i'm so excited for this game! it's gonna be the first college basketball game I go to ! it's the big east tournament, if you watch the game on tv you might see me on the big screen haha tell Julie's mom I say HIIIII! i'm so glad beto made allstate, and it makes me happy that alexia is taking an interest in sports. she'll have so much fun! I wish I could just go to the church whenever I want to play ball.. i'm losing my touch. the past couple of times we've played I've actually felt pretty good and I think i'm getting a little bit of my bounce back.. I still dunk pretty much whenever I want, I just gotta keep working out so that I don't lose too much! elder critchfield hasn't been feeling too good this past week, so we haven't been able to go down to the track. I feel gross :/ I actually don't know what else I want for my birthday... so just put whatever you want! also, I got the contacts, and I got tia macry's package. tell her and tio chico I said thank you! please..
dad, that job sounds like it's super legit! is that something you have a lot of interest in ? or is that kind of whatever..? I can't wait to hear about how it went! sorry, I don't have too much time, we have to be somewhere soon so that we can pick up our tickets and if we're late they won't give them too us! and sorry about the pictures, I haven't even sent the new ones to Haley.. I didn't take a lot this past cycle so I think i'm gonna send this one in a few weeks so that there can be more pictures for you guys to see. don't you guys have one of my memory cards? i'm missing one.. I love you guys so much, sorry I will answer all of the rest of the questions in next weeks email I promise, we just have like no time today! but thanks again for giving me the money to go to the game. i'm super grateful for everything you guys do for me. los quiero mucho :)
i'm out!

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