Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New investigators!

Dime a ver!

our week was pretty decent! our numbers didn't really show an excellent week but we had a few really good experiences that made up for all of it. We've found two new investigators, and i have some news about patricio and teresa but i'll tell you about it at the end of the email. i cant believe Brisa got her mission call! where am i gonna guess? uh.... i'm gonna guess Milwaukee, Wisconsin, spanish speaking! haha i don't know.. speaking of guesses, mi 'ama todavia le deve unas tortillas al Tim Sharp hahaha desde hace mucho.. There's no way i could've waited a few days to open my mission call. remember how we planned on it, but we ended up opening it on that same day? Brisa's more patient than i am.. yes, i got the package this morning! thank you so much! i'm going to be studying the scriptures you sent me and i'll probly read the book as well, as soon as i finish the one i'm reading now. man i wanna know what's up with your interview.. i'm still crossin' my fingers for you! give them my number so i can put in good word for you. as for the email, we technically have as long as we want to email, it just depends on where/how you access the computer. but the rule change that has been made in regards to email is that we can email whoever we want! crazy right? parents, cousins, siblings, friends, other missionaries. whoever we want to contact, we can do it now. isn't that crazy? we all think so.. haha we're all wondering why the missionary department made a huge change like that.. who knows, but i'm not complaining! uhhh i think we'll be able to walk around in just a white shirt after conference? that's what i heard.. and we had zone conference yesterday and president mentioned it, so i think it's coming soon. at least i hope so. i'm tired of wearing a suit every day haha that's crazy that beto is gonna be a priest.. so cool tho. i just wish i could be there for all that ya know? i don't see why they wouldn't let you bless the sacrament with him, i know i felt a lot more comfortable with you up there when i first did it, i think it'll be fine! oh, also, yes we had to wear our suits to the game! i'll send you guys a picture..

yessss i am doing great!
la calle? no habla mucho. de hecho, no he escuchado que la calle ha dicho nada. pero voy a poner mas atencion desde ahora! haha i bet you guys are so tired! i can't believe school is starting the 4th quarter.. i've been gone for almost an entire school year! crazy.. 8 months. it really has flown by unbelievably fast.. but i love that it's that way. i wish i coulda been there to celebrate all the march birthdays haha karla turns 21 tomorrow. she's so old! and i'm 20. that's weird to say. i still feel like i'm 16. i'm glad the cards got there safely, i hope they both liked them! what does sammy do? does he not hang out with people from school? is he still running track?  i'm jealous you guys get to go to the easter pageant.. i was actually talking about it with my roommates because one of the members in the english ward out here has been to it and they were telling the elders about it. cool right? i'm always down to brag about mesa.  Man, we've played volleyball twice out here recently and i just wanna go back to high school and play again.. don't worry about the package mom, the one you guys sent me was perfect, that's all i need! i'm super grateful for you guys and everything you do, you don't need to do more, trust me! as for my card. i took care of it! i went to the bank, they gave me a temporary card and i changed the address on it because it was the 3rd place address.. so i changed it to the Elm St address and they said they'll send it there, to you guys! so it should be there within a few days and then you guys can send it out here to me! i hope you don't mind. uhmm, my shoes are starting to tear, but i think i can wear them out a little bit more, so we're good for now. i think i'm good with everything, but in like a month or so it'd be nice if i could get a few short sleeved shirts.. everyone says summer out here is brutal and that short sleeves would be a good idea.  so yeah. in the future i'll let you know what i need. oh by the way, the name of our ward is "concourse" ... el barrio Concourse! ya tu sabe!

Other things.
Yobanna is still active! we've been working with her trying to get her to go to seminary but it's too hard because her school is too far, and if she goes to seminary she'll be late to school and that's not an option.. you wanna know what she said to me tho? we were talking to her about having good friends and surrounding herself with people who will help her stay on track and stuff like that, and we got to talking about temple marriage.
Patricio and Teresa. last you guys knew, they broke up. well, we only expected patricio to come to church on sunday, but after we sang the opening hymn in sacrament we looked back and they both walked in together. i'm sure you could imagine how happy and excited we were. so we talked to them after and they said that they're gonna try to work things out after all. we're visiting them tonight so i'll be sure to let you guys know how it goes! but this is super good news :)
new investigators. we knocked into this lady named maria. i told her we were there to bless her and her family and she started crying and let us in. we just got to know her a little bit and found out she's very catholic and her husband is too. but she's willing to talk about God so we're going back on saturday to see how we can help her and her husband.. we also Have Jaime and Gladis. they are columbian and they were a referral from another set of missionaries in harlem. we've been over there twice and we love them they are awesome! Jaime is really open to everything we have to say and asks really good questions, but his wife Gladis is suuuuppppperrrr catholic and the only questions she asks are questions to try and disprove the things we believe in.. so it's going to be a little bit of a challenge with her, but i can definitely see Jaime getting in the water if you know what i mean! so we're excited to be teaching them. 
Me and my companion still get along really good and we're both trying really hard to always be in sync and i think thats helped our companionship a lot! we never argue or anything, we always seem to be on the same page, whether we're teaching or planning or whatever. and i'm grateful because it's the first time i've had a companion where we both think the same and share our ideas and really we just have no problems with deciding what to do or where to go or anything. so it's going great! 
other than that, i don't really have any more news. so let me know if there's anything you would like me to do for you guys, okay? Los quiero mucho, cuidense por favor!

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