Wednesday, July 24, 2013

June 5, 2013.


i'm gonna write everyone together today because i literally have like 20 minutes to email and i still have to email president and send in our numbers from last week. the reason i don't have a lot of time is because our WHOLE MISSION is going to the yankees game today and all of the zone leaders have to be there early to pick up the tickets for their zones so we have to leave early because from here it takes us like an hour to get to yankee stadium.. i wish i still lived in my last apartment haha it was a 3 minute walk! but i love my new calling. it's a little hard, we are in charge of the well being for everyone in our zone and have to make sure everyone is doing okay, which is fine, we haven't had any problems so far so it's good! the only hard thing for me is that we have to prepare trainings for the entire zone and that's not something i have any experience with, luckily elder portillo does and so we help each other out. and wow, our ward haha a little dysfunctional. the missionaries do EVERYTHING. there are 4 sister missionaries and 4 elders in my ward. and we pretty much teach everything. i don't know if i said this last week, but me and portillo are in charge of the home teaching for our ward haha and the missionaries here teach the youth, sunday school, elders quorum, and gospel principles.. so we are super busy! our bishop is a convert of like 5 years.. and the 1st counselor of our ward is less active.. so there is a lot of problems here .. haha but i love it, i know i'm gonna learn a lot here and it is a great opportunity for me to grow and develop my skills as a leader, teacher, and missionary. so i'm excited. it definitely is weird walking the same streets as i did about 7 months ago. ahhh sorry i have to go, i'm sorry it's been 2 weeks in a row where i can't email for very long. i hope next week we won't have any more things come up and i'll really be able to email for a little while longer and update you guys on whats going here in Olmstead! I love you guys, have a good week !! byeeeeee!

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