Saturday, September 28, 2013

14 Months!

14 Months serving the Lord!
Not a whole lot of things going on. we've been working hard. trying to teach. trying to save. we've been working a lot with the other members of our zone to help them have a baptism in september.. as a zone, we are going to have 5 baptisms this weekend. its awesome!!! so i'd say things are going well. on monday, Elder Bruce A Carlson of the 2nd quorum of the 70 came to speak to the mission. it was awesome. he gave us a lot of insight on how we should measure success. and how we should measure ourselves. and it was super cool, because before the conference started, all the zone leaders got to go into a meeting with him and the mission president so he could talk to us as leaders. and then we got to go in again to talk to him as the leaders of the mission. i loved it. something interesting that he said was that they don't send us on missions to baptize everyone.. they send us on missions to mold us into worthy disciples of Christ, and to help us develop habits that will make us good fathers/husbands/mothers/wives. and that the baptizing is what comes along with it. i had thought about that before, but i had it the other way around. but that was the first time i've heard a general authority say it. but it was a really cool experience. being a leader in the mission definitely has it's perks! today, we are going to the zoo as a zone because its our last p-day before transfers. so it should be fun, i hope. i love you all. everyone, be healthy. be smart. look both ways before you cross the street. time to go ! byeeee!

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