Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sept. 11

errbody in da club.
things are going really well! in regards to facebook. like i said earlier, we aren't allowed to use it to just talk to people from back home for no reason.. we are only supposed to use it to fulfill our missionary purpose.. so that means to teach. like i said in the part to dad, i am allowed to talk to basically anyone who has any questions about the gospel.. and only for that reason.. so keep emailing me cuz that will be the way we still communicate. and they told us that we will all have one by christmas.. but that changed haha right now the ZL's and the sister training leaders are the only ones in the mission who are allowed to go online.. so there's only like 25-30 of us in our mission who are using it and it will only be us for the next month or so.. and then in october everyone else will start doing theirs. but yeah i'm having to hide my pictures and all that other stuff because president doesn't want people focusing on what we USED to be or what we USED to do.. he wants whoever visits our page to focus on what we do as missionaries.. so thats why all those changes have been made and there will be more to come.. but the future is looking bright :) 
also, president told us he is planning on making some changes in leadership next transfer.. meaning he might release up to 10 zone leaders.. thats almost half! he wants leadership to go and work side by side with newer missionaries.. and thats why he's releasing so many of them. so there's a chance i could get released next cycle! but nobody knows whats going to happen.. so yeah. just thought i'd let you all know! i hope everyone is having a good week! please be careful in all that you do. and i'll do the same! (mom)... love you guys :) byeee!

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