Monday, September 9, 2013

Aug 28

ahh i'm sorry i feel like there's not too much to say? things are going okay. the work is a little hard living in this other apartment because its so far away from our area.. things just take so long.. we can't buy food to keep at our apartment because we don't have time to travel home during the day because its too far, so we have just been eating out at fast food places so yeah it's no bueno.. but the new zone is awesome. we live with 2 elders who speak mandarin and they are awesome! one of them has a full ride to BYU for the piano.. he is ridiculous. and i am super jealous but its nice to have him around because he plays whatever we ask him to.. but yeah. i can basically speak chinese now. 
the AP's told us that we might be moving back to our old apartment soon.. so this cycle might be a little crazy.. there's so much going on! me and portillo are still getting along well! we are both kinda hoping we leave this area after this transfer though.. but who knows.. we can never guess what will happen at transfers. i'm sorry i don't have a lot to say today. and dad, sorry again for not replying, i just don't know where that email is! i hope you guys are all doing well :) be well, i love you guys!

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