Monday, September 9, 2013

Aug. 22

mom and dad and everybody, i'm just gonna have to combine everything cuz i don't have a whole lot of time. Yesterday was the craziest day. as you know, we had transfers. our zone is so different. there are 16 missionaries in our zone, and 7 of them are new.. that's a lot of people who left/came. me and elder portillo actually stayed together so we will be going on our 3rd transfer together, which is unusual haha but everybody was really surprised and happy ha we were both pumped because we are having a lot of fun. 4 of the new missionaries are NEW missionaries.. and 2 of them are waiting for their visas to go to brasil.. crazy. so president assigned me to go study with them every once in a while to help them with their portuguese.. although i feel like mine isn't really that good anymore. so yeah, i stayed, but we moved apartments.. into the very first apartment i lived in on my mission. 

2180 bronx park east #6E
bronx, NY 10462

it's super weird living their again and it's super inconvenient because we used to live in our area but now our area is a 20 minute bus ride away. and we live with 2 elders who are both new to the zone and yesterday we had to help them move in and do all this other stuff which is why we didn't have time to email.. so yeah they just gave us a little bit of time today to email you guys and be able to let you know that i'm alive.. haha sorry its super lame, hopefully i can catch up with the emails next week! love you guys! byee :)

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