Monday, September 9, 2013

Sep. 8

there's a ton going on in the mission right now. we had a leadership council this past friday and they gave us some big news! our mission has been approved for online proselyting.. meaning that this friday, all of the zone leaders are going back to have another meeting during which they will be training us on how to use facebook as a missionary tool! cool right ? they told us that after christmas, every missionary in our mission will have a facebook account and that we will all have a blog that we will use to post the things that we do and share and talk with investigators and members and all of this cool stuff haha and we will be able to use skype and facetime to teach lessons and talk with the people we are working with! cool right? so yeah, we are receiving a training on that this friday, and then we will start practicing it and making sure we know what we're doing and then we will be training the missionaries in our zones how to use it and stuff. AND they told us that at the beginning of next cycle, every individual missionary in our mission will have their own mini iPAD that will replace our planners and area books.. crazy!! so we're pumped. i mean, hopefully it happens. we are really excited cuz its new and it could really help the work increase! so i will keep you posted on that. 
also, our mission as a whole has set a goal to have every companionship have a baptism in the month of september. so it's crunch time right now. but i am letting you guys know so you are aware of what we are trying to accomplish and also if you wanna throw in a prayer or two or twenty in our behalf we would be very grateful! sooo much is going on. i'm doing good! this P-day has been pretty.. alright. this morning we had to go sing at a funeral at a chapel in harlem. it was a strange experience ha but i sang a little bit of a solo. its been so long. so yeah. thats what i've been up to. I love you guys! i hope work and school is going good. you are all in my prayers! have a good week :)

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