Sunday, November 10, 2013

Nov. 6, 2013.

New Haircut!
today, we are planning on going to sleepy hollow, since we didn't get to go when we carved the pumpkins.. so we're gonna make sure we get there early! it should be cool. other than that i think we're gonna go "shopping".. elder McEachern -pronounced "Mc-ECK-ern" - needs some sweaters, and i'm going to try to find a shoulder bag..

now in regards to ipads. on monday, we stopped by the mission office to pick up some stuff for our apartment, and we ran into the AP's and the Mission President there. long story short, they told us they had some good news for us, and told us to come back the next day. so yesterday we went back to the office for a conference call with our mission president, the assistants, and some guy from salt lake, who was telling us how to use our ipads. haha sooo yeah, as of yesterday, me and my companion have ipads! and we are actually the only missionaries in our mission, aside from the AP's who have them. we don't know why they decided to give them to us early, but we got them. they rest of the mission will be getting them next thursday and friday. and yes dad, the area book and our daily planners are in there, along with the list of our ward members and all of their callings. ITS AWESOME! its gonna be such a big help.. it's gonna take some time getting used to using them since we're used to having everything on paper.. so right now it's taking quite a bit of time to input everything that we need, but i'm sure things will speed up once we get used to them. i'm lovin' it haha it's super weird having one... and since you're probly wondering, the church has these on lock down ha we can't just browse the internet or download whatever we want. theres a filter and things so that if someone tries to do something that we're not supposed to it will either prevent it from happening or it will send a report to salt lake and they'll forward it to the mission president. we're being watched very closely haha which is good, cuz who knows what people would try to do. so yeah, that's the big news of the week :) pretty exciting stuff!!
the picture is of us on halloween!

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