Sunday, November 10, 2013

Oct. 30, 2013

i'm sorry this message is so short, we don't have a lot of time today! we are going down to manhattan and it takes a lot longer to get there from here than when i was in the bronx.. maybe we'll have time later today to email and if we do i will send pictures!
but yeah, yesterday i got my haircut by Sister johnson, who went to westwood! she's family with some people in our stake, so that was awesome being able to talk to her because we know a lot of the same people.. and it was a free haircut! who sent you the picture? this weekend is gonna be cool.. on friday we have the mission leadership council which is with all the zone leaders and sister training leaders in our mission, and usually they are awesome already, but this one we are combining the council to be with all of the leaders from the ny-ny south mission! so i'm pretty pumped about that. well guys, i love you all. i hope you have a good week! sorry again, we are just short of time today!

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