Sunday, November 10, 2013

Oct. 23, 2013.

Outras coisas (other things)
things are going well. we are SUPER busy all the time. but mostly with doing things for the missionaries in our zone. we have been doing a lot of thinking and planning in regards to how we are going to help all of the missionaries in our zone go in the direction that will benefit us as a whole. it's been great. yesterday we had zone conference which is when multiple zones in the mission get together.. so our zone got put with the 2 bronx zones.. so i got to see all my homies :) it was nice! our whole mission is officially approved to use facebook.. so now everybody in the mission will be using it. crazy! and they also announced that we will have our ipads and our iphones within a month. i'm pumped. out here for P-day we kinda just do whatever comes up. one day we played volleyball/basketball.. one day we just played pool in the top room of our apartment building.. today we are having our zone activity. we will be having a pumpkin carving contest and then we are going to the cemetary in sleepy hollow to go find the headless horseman. or something like that. so yeah. me and McEachern went and bought 13 pumpkins this morning. it's gonna be a party :) next week i think we are going down to the city. i really wanna go to central park to see all the trees with the different color leaves. so yeah guys, i'm having a good time :) i hope you all are too! Love you, miss you and all that good stuff. I'm out!

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